The “This is not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament Round 7-8

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UPDATE: PR! has obtained Yu Wo’s reply to the birthday video! Read about it HERE. -Dahlys

Hey everyone! Apologies that this round is so late. We’ll be leaving it open until at least the end of June, but I don’t know yet if a new round will go up right after that! Hopefully! Anyway, have fun voting! We look forward to reading everyone’s votes~


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Round 7

Who would win in a fight between Feng Wu Qing and Earth Knight?

In-game name: Feng Wu Qing
Race: Human; Class: Warrior
In short: Prince’s good-looking, arrogant brother. He is a strong warrior who’s team were the runner ups in the Adventurer’s Tournament, and he is known for his fast swordsmanship and abilities such as Continuous Attack.
“I’m not too used to sp-speaking with girls…” Real name: Georgo Earth
Age: 20+
Hair color: Brown; Eye color: Hazel
Widely regarded as: The yearly winner of “The Man Women Want Most as Their Husband” poll.
He may be a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction, but if the Sun Knight is the #1 fraud in the history of the continent, then the Earth Knight would most definitely be #2. On the surface, the Earth Knight is Sun’s loyal, honest, and level-headed best friend. He is sincere and easily tongue-tied, especially when talking to girls. This, of course, accounts for his popularity among the ladies, and he has been ranked #1 on “The Man Women Want Most as Their Husband” poll for several years running.

In truth, however, the Earth Knight is quite the lascivious villain. His number of romantic conquests could have been higher, however, but for the constant interference of a certain “best friend”, which is probably the reason why he loathes Sun deeply.

The Earth Knight specializes in defense, and his ultimate skill is “The Shield of Earth”.

Round 8

Who would win in a fight between Yu Lian and The Pope?

In-game name: Yu Lian (羽怜 prn. yŭ lián)
Race: Human; Class: Mage
In short: A seemingly gentle and kind woman with great financial acumen and a warped sense of beauty. Don’t get on her wrong side.
Upon her entry to Odd Squad, Yu Lian appears to be the first normal member of the group, but is quickly revealed to have a very strange sense of beauty. She quickly falls in love with the team’s priest, Ugly Wolf, and, with the help of Odd Squad’s other members, marries him shortly before the Adventurers’ Tournament.

Yu Lian is a quiet, kind young woman on the surface, but is shown to have a fierce, controlling side, being polite and smiling all the while. She is very concerned about money, and thus is put in charge of Odd Squad’s finances. Yu Lian is easily annoyed by people squandering their hard-earned cash.

“Don’t you dare call me cute.” Real name: ???
Age: ???
Hair color: White; Eye color: Green
Widely regarded as: The most powerful member of the Church of the God of Light
Although he looks like a cute 14-year old boy, the Pope’s actual age is unknown. However, according to Neo Sun, the previous Sun Knight, he is at least sixty years old. He “manages” the finances of the Church of the God of Light (although he is a complete miser), and oversees the Holy Church, the faction of clerics. He is extremely shrewd and seems to be hiding many secrets, especially the one about him being rather adept at magic… He is also capable of using Resurrection with a 1/8 chance of a complete revival.
Tournament and Contest Rules

Tournament Rules:

  1. In a comment, state who you think would win and why. You must give a solid reason in order for your vote to be counted (not X is hotter than Y). Remember, this is a fighting tournament not a beauty pageant!
  2. One clear winner only. No ties.
  3. One vote per person.
  4. At the end of the month we’ll count up all votes and announce the winner at the start of the next match. Winners will proceed to the next round of the tournament.
  5. The tournament takes place much like the Adventurers’ Tournament, in a stadium filled with spectators, with no outside interference allowed. The match ends by concession or death.

Writing Competition:

We are having an additional writing competition on top of the tournament. This will be separate from the monthly competitions we have in the forum and the challenge will be the same every time:

In no more than 2000 words, write a scene for how this month’s match would go.

For example, write what would happen if Prince and Sun fought. What techniques would they use and how would they counter? This can be a pure fight scene, or it can include dialogue. How it proceeds is all up to you! Ties are allowed. A writing competition entry is seperate from the tournament and will have no effect on the the tournament’s outcome. You will have to vote in the tournament separately.

PR! Staff will vote on the winner based how which entry is the most realistic/has the most chance for coming true. The winner will receive a chapter preview for the series of their choice.

To enter, email your writing to [email protected]! The deadline for Rounds 7 and 8 is June 30th.

118 Responses

  1. Gohankuten

    Earth would win in round 7. Earths superior defense would defeat Feng fairly easily. And let’s not forget Feng got killed by being stomped by a thief.

    For round 8 I think it would be close. We don’t really know how good of a fighter the Pope is. I would lean towards Yu Lian on the premise that she is the stronger miser. But I really can’t call this one.

  2. Blueberry

    The fight between Feng Wu Qing and Earth knight, I think Feng Wu Qing would win because what you have describe Earth, he specializes in making a shield. In my imagination of the shield, it’s just a gigantic shield, so I’m guessing Feng Wu Qing can quickly run around it and use his sword skills to chop Earth down?

    The fight between the Pope and Feng Wu Qing, I’m thinking the Pope would win. Since he’s a cleric he can heal himself if he gets hit and judging from his skills to revive, I bet his defense, attacking, and etc. magics are pretty powerful, considering he has lived more than 60 years…Plus Feng Wu Qing only specializes in fire, she doesn’t have any other forms of strong magic that can protect herself and act fast. (I think)

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Hmm…both battles are toughies…

    feng wu ging is an acomplished warrior on princes level of fighting ability with some fair talent
    while earth knight hasnt been shown very thoroughly and all we know of him is his earth shield which is a perfect defense…
    between the two of them a great attack and a great defense…
    well since earth can ue a sword and has at the least minor healing abilities he would have the higher stamina of the two and be able to hold his own…
    feng wu on the other hand we might not have seen alot of yet however he is considered a strong player of the central continent…
    my money would have to be on earth knight due to a lack of knowledge of what feng wu is capable of and the knowledge that earth having the second most powerful holy light of the twelve knights would most likly have the stamina to go at feng wu, posesser of continuous attack until the warrior is worn out

    now this one is tough to work out for similar reasons
    yu lian we know is a powerful fire magic user and while not as detailed as doll, we know how her abilities work and she is able to mix it up between fast quick spells and giant area spells
    the pope on the other hand we know very little about barring suggestions that he could hold off neo (with the aid of the previous judgment knight) that he is second in overall magic ability to grisla and that he has enough ability to make himself look perpetually 14…
    both are pretty shrewd with money and finances and are skilled in managment, though i think yu lian is a bit better at working from an advantagous situation while the pope mannages the church despite a decline and has a more penny pinching manner…
    to be perfectly honest this seems to me like the sort of battle that would quickly devolve into a contest of financial ability with honor and money being at stake ^^;
    umm…my money would have to be on yu lian because i know much less about the pope plus her warped sense of beauty would grant her immunity to his cute boyness thus would not call him cute which would not grant him the rightious fury that might give him an edge…

    Round Seven: Earth Knight
    Round Eight: Yu Lian

  4. Topaz

    I think that in round 7 Feng Wu Qing whould win.His fighting level can compare to Prince’s but Earth Night on other hand is the defensive type and I haven’t seen him doing anything other than making a big shield to protect others (mostly Sun…)and moreover,to me it looks that Earth Night is a more heavy type fighter,meaning he wears a heavy armor.So his agility and litheness is low.Wu Qing on the other hand I think is more like his sister and has a high agility.

    In round 8,I think Yu Lian would win.The only reason for that is that we have never seen The Pope do anything other than chit chatting with the holy nights…and Yu Lian is pretty strong.

  5. Exile Wrath

    I believe that Wu Qing would win round 7 simply because even though Word of God had that Earth isn’t a bad swordsman, he specializes in defense. Thus, Wu Wing could use one of his abilities to pierce the barrier and defeat Earth.
    As for Round 8…Yulian most definitely, mostly because we know very little about the Pope’s abilities. He might have an immense amount of holy magic (enough to make a rose bead bracelet with 108 beads!) but we don’t know anything about his attacks. With high holy element comes high endurance, but Yulian is a formidable mage with high attacks output, as seen in the chapter during the Adventurer’s Tournament, when she fractured the stadium into pieces.
    I love how it’s Playboy vs. Playboy and Miser vs. Miser for these rounds XD

  6. Kuran Nita

    I vote for Earth Knight and The Pope.

    1. Attacking is the best way to defend, that’s what I believe. Having the defensive type of skill would put Earth in hold. Their type of person could win just only if they have some godly items/power or great difference in level. But since nothing like that so far, Earth Knight would lose in my mind.

    2. The Pope have bigger presence than Yu Lian. From their position, Yu Lian has lose completely and although the Pope IS a priest (Or so I thought he is) but I bet on his Mystery to somehow win the game. By the way, I think they could make a good pair,, Money wise,, XD

  7. Sphaira

    Earth Knight
    cause his shield is strong and Feng Wu Qing might get tired of attacking and then one hit from the Earth Knight and he wins……… I don’t think Feng Wu Qing will be able to destroy his shield…………

    The Pope
    the pope is crafty and his appearance is a decieve so even before the battle begins, Yu Lian will go soft and the pope defeats her……..

    • Gohankuten

      You forget Yu Lians warped sense of beauty. She wouldn’t go soft on the Pope unless he looked like Wolf lol.

    • angel

      even with the warped sense of beauty, the common sense stated that one would not feel right beating up a kid, and Pope basically look just like a kid. Furthermore, yu Lian is a female, wont she be feeling some sense of maternal instinct?

    • Sword

      @Snow Angel
      are you sure that’s it?
      as far as i can remember it wasn’t so. one of the members of oddsquad reasoned that Yu Lian need not feign affection for Wolf just to get close to the team, and therefore, to doll

  8. MNeilG

    i vote for earth knight and the pope

    earth knight on one because of his shield.. along with his training as a knight, he would win over Feng Wu Qing.

    the pope, with the most powerful holy magic (second to sun) and a capability on par with sun’s “resourcefulness” and “financial talent” would definitely win. i think yu lian is too kind to take on a person with an appearance of a child

  9. Demoninmysoul

    I believe the winner in the magic battle is the Pope – sure Yu Lian is strong, but she can’t heal or buff herself, while the Pope has the support of the God of Light and many years of practice. If he’s adept at magic using, then he can both attach and heal himself.
    The knight battle would be Earth’s win, not because of strenght, but stamina. I imagine a long, stretched out battle, mostly Feng Wu Qing attacking and Earth defending, and maybe with some underhanded technique, countering, making Feng Wu Qing lose strenght with little wounds.

    Just wanted to add, that I like the paralell with the financial handling people and with the flirts! :D

    • Oddmoonlight

      @Demoninmysoul You forget that the Earth Knight is “suppose to be” the most trustworthy person on the continent. Therefore; his fighting style should be lacking any kind of feints and underhanded tricks!

  10. KuwaNeko

    Round 7:
    I think Earth would win
    he’s got a perfect defense, and is a good swordsman; after all, he pretty much cleaned the floor with the Sun Platoon, even when they sneaked and ganged on him. Considering that Adair is the platoons vice-captain, and is amongst the 10 strongest in the church, Earth’s got to be stronger.

    Round 8:
    for lack of knowledge on the pope, I’ll go for Yu Lian
    and she is very strong either way, and also has shielding abilities (in the last battle of the tournament, Wicked’s and Prince’s teem where in a stalemate with both mages shielding the teems)

    • angel

      I thought that was the priests on both sides that shield the team 0.o sound like priest’s ability.

    • KuwaNeko

      nop, that was the mages, in the first chapter of Vol 3, Xiao Li comments that both mages weren’t preparing their large-scale because they were maintaining the shields. (and later says Yu Lian was keeping the shield)
      and also during the siege; when prince appears he orders that the mages drop the shields and attack

    • angel

      Ah, it is true, there is shielding spells from the mages…
      but it is weird…
      “As for the mages on both sides… Are they preparing to cast large-scale magic? No, they’re both now maintaining shielding spells over their teams. It looks like neither mage is able to execute such attacks for fear of the long-range attackers on the opposing team. The mages and long-range attackers have come to a stalemate; it looks like they can only sit tight and hope that their warriors at the frontline will triumph, or that their thieves will be able to successfully assassinate members of the other team.”
      It sound a lot like the shield is effective against long-range atk only. I mean they are expecting the thief to assassinate members of the other team… so does that mean thief’s atk can still go through the shield? And there is the expectation that the warrior will triumph, but it may mean only the battle between the two warriors. So in short, meelee atk will still work on the shield? 0.o

    • Kuran Nita

      Yea, even a shield have its limit, right? Considering that the warrior and thieve from one side defeat the other from opposing team, they can charge and break the shield and the defending players from their side could attacking too, since the main power from the opposing team has died. So, if that happen, it’s just a matter of time.

    • KuwaNeko

      sound’s to me like it’s a ranged-attack only shield…
      is that even possible? guess so, since the warriors/thieves could (and Wicked’s team’s archer) could cross thorough the shields.
      I’d say it seems to block ranged attacks from getting in or out (why Wicked’s archer left the shield to attack Prince)

  11. Seventh

    Earth Knight would win, out of sheer defence and holding out until the end.

    The Pope would win because if he has magic, holy magic and probably tons of other tricks up his sleeve/veil/whatever. Plus he has been discussing magic with the dark elf and he can fool even Grisia, so…

  12. sanachan

    I think Feng Wu Qing would win because you can’t win by blocking your opponent to death. Earth Knight would cast this great shield, but Fen Wu Qing would simply step around it and kill Earth Knight with his superior speed.

    Between Yu Lian and the Pope it would be a close fight, but I think Yu Lian would win because her magic is more offensive whereas holy magic is more about defence and healing. Between mages, faster casting time counts, and prayers to the God of Light tend to be lengthy.

  13. claire

    round 7 earth knight
    this is hard cuz there isnt much evidence to base this fight on…
    ‘everyone knows that the earth knight has the best defense in the kingdom’ is probably true in lsk world. and since he is a knight, he has to be adept with a sword and lots of resilience and stamina. Agility wise, probably a normal person (due to his training his muscle cancels out the weight of the armor (hopefully)) if not oh well. also, has a couple heal spells in his arsenal
    feng wu qing, high agility, theif, contiuos attck. no matter how many times how strike a sheild, if its the best in the world, chances are you wont be able to break it before the person holding it kills you. now maintaining sheild of earth requires two hands i think (maybe one, but thats only for sun so far, and he’s a genius and a bastard thrown into a perfect bod) so even if earth has sheild of earth, it may take two hands to mainain. but in the final fight in volume two, the one between sun and roland in the king’s room, earth makes it alot of times to protect people, and if he can hold that many at one time, then earth is at a serious advantage. if not, feng wu qing has the upper hand. He has alot of health (survied yu lian’s meteor shower without much armor in the competition for a piece of land in 1/2 prince) and should be a very good theif adapt at one hit kills from having a high level, and his attacks should be super fast. if they have any real stregnth behind them, then his super fast attacks do nothing. and his chances of getting a one hit kill are really low considering earth;s defense. so earth. but why are almost all the lsk people winning?
    round 8 pope
    yulian is a very strong mage in AoE and quick spells, like Meteor, eathquake, and overall huge decreases in health. totally made for making money and is icnredibly scary when she’s mad, like sun
    pope is okay at making $, but not as good as yulian. he’s a very strong healer, but as a mage? he has the mage’s version of a warrior’s aura to protect him, how well willl that last against a sucession of earthquakes enough to pummel a country into rubble? it would probaly collapse. he may be able to hold of the strongest sun knight in history, but only with the help of the last judgement. so he should have some tricks up his sleave. so i have no clue, maybe yulain, due to knowing more about her, but better not underestimate pope. you say he has really strong magic, and he is a clearic, so also very good at healing. and some advice-it would be wicked cool to see the strongest sun knight in history or pink against the dictator of life. just saying.
    so if anything, i would go with the pope. yulain may head the finances of infinite city, but pope heads the finances of the church of light, and their temple, and pretty much the whole entire Leaf Bud kingdom.

    • claire

      gah…so many typos. first off, it was maintain the shield of earth…and pope is a cleric. geez i cant spell…of and i remembered its the kindom of forgotten sound(?) or something…

    • angel

      cleric against mage is not a fair battle. Cleric’s damages tend to be very weak since holy magic does less effects on living being. The redeeming point is that cleric can heal and buff. But even then, cleric often being overpowered easily by other class due to their weak dmg, weak HP and mage-like def.

    • claire

      you have a point, but we are talking about the head guy cleric, the pope who transcends all other clerics. if he is second to sun, the he should have some sort of decent offensive capabilities or i doubt he wouldnt have lived to be 64(?) and as a mage, yu lian wont have all that good defense or hp, so…but then again, if it were any other cleric, you would be 100% right. but now w/ the pop, for me, its around 50 50.

    • angel

      erm… he is not second to sun in offensive power… he is second to sun in rank and power in the temple’s hierarchy… He is the head on the cleric side while sun is the head on the knight side…. and you know.. he never seem to be on battle field, but scheming on the back… hard to say if his offensive would be great…. So I guess to say 50/50 is not wrong.. but sound a bit like a stretch…

    • angel

      From first to second can have a very big gap.
      it is like from a gazillion leap down to a thousand.
      Sun is out of question because he is special case….
      not sure about the pope.

  14. Alyss

    Earth wins the first one b/c absolute def+okay attack > good attack + okay defense. If Feng Wu can’t get a blow in, then it really doesn’t matter how strong he is. Also, Earth would prolly get royally pissed off by how easily and publicly Feng can flirt with girls…

    Can i…not vote on the other match? The Pope has no known offensive abilities whatsoever, which makes it hard to decide…

  15. 15B

    I thought the pope looked like a 15-year old boy…
    (Pope v.s. Yu Lian… I need to think about that one… They’re both so scary…)

    • lucathia

      Hm yeah, I think it was 15 years old. But the point is, he makes himself look a lot younger.

      Having the Pope and Yu Lian on the same stage is a scary thought.

    • angel

      I really wonder who will win… I mean if money is at stake, I don’t think anyone would be willing to step back XD

    • ReadingCuzImBored

      Well, if you think about, there would be a LOT of betting going on…

  16. Dyute

    I think Earth Knight would win just because he’d be so annoyed at Feng Wu Qing’s “the girls all love me thing.” He’d first be jealous, then go on a mad rage.

    I think Yu Lian will win the other round because she’s been described at scary and scary and scary. Prince is afraid of her. Everyone is afraid of her. The pope just looks 14 and then Yu Lian will get mad at him wasting his money and power on his looks.

  17. Mitsou

    Round 7: I take my bet for Earth knight, while he’s a despicable guy, he has a great defense and stamina from Earth. Being a knight, he probably have good sword skill (if it’s not great since his defense is stronger of the 2 but anyway). Feng while might be a great fighter, he certainty doesn’t have the great defense that could be comparable to Earth and I haven’t seen him fight alot so~

    Round 8: Tough choice, these two would be engage in a great battle of financial instead of magic skill lol xD. It’s kinda hard because Yulian have great attk being a mage. She also have great strategy thought too. the Pope is not bad either, I mean he can turn himself to look like 15 (what else can he do?), not to mention he is the frigging “POPE” if you haven’t forgot it yet, the ability to heal himself a huge magic potential focus on both healing and atk (maybe not much but there r chance)~ If I can I would said this battle is tie but….

    My final decision:
    Round 7: Earth knight
    Round 8: The pope

  18. Bicky

    My choices for round 7&8 are Earth and the Pope

    Round 7: I choose Earth Knight because he has both offensive (good swordsmanship) and defensive (shield of earth) ability and the stamina that comes with being a holy knight. As a holy knight, he could probably also use minor heal (i know leaf can so im just assuming he can as well) which means that he could heal anything that gets past his ultimate defence.
    Round 8: Well i dont really know much about the pope so this is a hard decision but i suppose he is very strong as ‘the most powerful member of the Church’ so im going to pick him. Going along with the information provided, the pope is rather adept at magic, he also has a lot of holy light and can heal himself. Adding to that his swordsmanship, he would probably be even stronger than Yulian. Yulian’s got strong attacks but the casting time for her most powerful magic would probably take too long to be an advantage – the pope could attack + heal himself so it wouldnt have much of an effect.

  19. yurihime

    Round 7: I think Earth Knight will win, because he has offensive skill (I’m sure his swordsmanship at least much better than Sun) and absolute defensive skill. Also, he can use healing magic.
    Round 8: I can hardly guess who will the winner be… But I guess the Pope will, cause he can use magic, offensive and defensive respectively. And also he can heal himself, which is a skill that Yu Lian doesn’t have.

  20. angel

    Round 7: earth knight
    Among knights, holy knights are known to have the most endurance and survival probability. They have more HP and more Def. However, the setback is that they are not that great compare to warrior in dueling since they specialized in group battle. Earth on the other hand is further enhanced with defensive skills and high MP (not as crazy as sun though), making him very hard to beat. Don’t forget he also have battle aura (condensed aura acts as armor for warrior that enabled them to wear light armor while still have great defense). His swordsmanship is definitely among the tops in the temple, which is said to be better than your average knights. Even Neo is pleased that the candidates for the knights have much potential (aside from Grisia). He also have healing abilities. In short, he is packed with both attack (moderate), defense (high) and support skills.

    Feng Wu Quing on the other hand is a standard agility swordman. He is known for fast and continuous attack, so most of his points are in agility and Atk, which make him have weak Def and HP (got stomped to death by a thief to boost). Quing was never known for his endurance so he is the type to either rape the opponent, or get rape himself. His style is most likely to either evade and atk, or all out rapid atk.

    So in battle, Earth will have no trouble defend against Quing’s atk with his shield and healing, and tire his opponent out. Quing will have a fun time spam his MP with rapid atk to break earth’s shield, which mean his MP will go down very rapidly, which mean he will not be able to use most of his more powerful skills later. Earth just need to defend until Quing is tired, make mistakes, and then Earth can start to strike and win the battle.

    Round 8: Yu Lian
    Pope is known for his holy magic, which is contain both fast and slow execution skills, plus support skills. He should have high resistance against holy and dark element, with moderate to high resistance to magic in general. By logical reasoning, since he is a priest, he also have holy aura (which is the priest’s version of battle aura, but weaker endurance), and healing abilities. On a side note, he also research dark magic in secret though unknown of how strong that would make him (Definitely not as strong as Grisia in the magic department). We don’t get to see him use his magic in battle so there is no known data of his fighting style. But based on his personality, he would not engaged in combat with no financial gain (unless that the person called him cute *hint Neo* But seriously, if he hated being called cute, he would not have keep his appearance as that of a young boy. So could this be a side effect of his research in dark magic?). He is in charge of the temple’s finance. He is often seen wearing a veil in public. And he is more of a schemer than a fighter.

    Yu Lian is known for destructive fire magic (which is commonly known in the game world as moderate cast speed with faster cast time than lightning base atk, moderate damage with burn effects). She also have a warped sense of beauty so she wont be tricked by the Pope’s cute appearance or call him cute for that matter. Yu Lian also known to be a penny pincher and have great sense of financial management, definitely not the type to engage in combat that provide no financial gain. Yu Lian is known in battle to stay in the back row and cast AOE skill with long cast time but high damage. Not much is known on her 1v1 battle ability.

    These two are more likely to have a contest on financial skills. It is difficult to tell who will win even then. Not much is known on each’s battle ability. Pope can definitely cast some form of shield and heal himself when needed. His Holy magic may not do much damages to living being, but he may use some dark magic when no one is looking, like curses. Yu Lian on the other hand have the damage to burn and blast the Pope away in a few hit since fire mages are known to have high damages. Both are mage type so both should have low HP; though the Pope may have a bit more than Yu Lian due to his holy element, but should not be too much of a problem for the high damage of fire mages. So as long as Yu Lian managed to complete casting the spells without being interrupted, she can win.

    • angel

      PS: since Pope is a Priest and Yu Lian is a Mage, Mage definitely overpower Priest. However, battle a priest is very troublesome due to the fact that they heal every time their HP is low. They may not be able to deal much damages, but the fight is sure to be a long one since they can buff, run and spam heal like there is no tomorrow, then use various fast atk to make snide damages every now and then to wear their opponent down.

    • Azyvli

      Yeah, but you forgot to add in the fact that almost everyone in The Legend of Sun Knight has a false appearance. The Pope could be jsut like Sun and learn spels that he shouldn’t of learned.

  21. Esprit

    Round 7 is hard. I’d go with Earth Knight because Feng Wu Qing isn’t very good at recognizing tricks, and the Earth Knight is very good at hiding his intentions. I think their offensive skills are pretty comparable, maybe Feng Wu Qing is more agile, while Earth’s defenses are much better.

    Round 8 is hilarious because if it was a competition to save money, I imagine the 2 misers would team up and defeat their “friends” who spend too much money XD
    But other than that, in a real fight I’d vote for Yu-Lian, especially since Prince lost. She’s very scary and powerful when she’s angry.

  22. DarkDragonne

    For round 7, I think I’m going to go with Earth knight. He’s a knight, which means he’s probably well trained to deal damage, not to mention his defensive abilities which will make it difficult for Feng Wu Qing to injure him.
    As for round 8, probably the Pope. He didn’t become the most powerful person in the church of the God of Light for no reason. Not only does he have powerfulHoly Light abilities, which will allow him to heal most of the damage she deals (Yu Lian’s spells take a long time to cast, so if she doesn’t finish him off with her first spell hell be able to heal himself by the time she’s ready for another spell even if the holy light takes casting time too. It’s unlikely that she’ll be able to kill him with one spell even though she’s destructive, because if his healing abilities are anything remotely close to Sun’s…). In addition, the Pope is probably proficient in magic too, which wil provide him with a form of attack.

    • angel

      From what i see though, there are different level of healing spell. minor heal spell (heal very little but cost less MP) can be cast pretty fast. Intermediate require a bit of cast time but heal more. And ultimate heal take a long time to cast (due to all the praises to God of Light). Generally, most people, even priest cannot cast too many heal skills a day due to the limit of their MP. Grisia is just a special case who don’t even need to read spell, and have extra amble supply of MP. The pope, even if he is powerful, is no where near Grisia’s crazy level. Ad priest do have atk spells… but they do not damage as well as other classes due t the fact that their spells are geared towar undead. So ingeneral, low damage.

  23. WhistleLeaf

    I think the earth knight will win, since the earth knight has a high defense and high endurance

    I think the Pope will win…he’s not the most powerful for nothing and…just think of his age…

  24. littlewriter

    In all honesty, I think Feng Wu Qing would lose to the Earth Knight, as much as I adore the Feng family (Feng Lan all the way!). Earth Knight would probably be so jealous that Feng Wu Qing would be able to flirt so openly with all the ladies, then Earth would beat Feng up under the name of “justice for the ladies” while maintaining his honest appearance. All the ladies would flock to him because they don’t really like playboys, then Earth would get about another hundred women who he could all cheat on-cough. I mean protect and NOT make a move on. Right? ^^
    I’d picking Yu Lian for the second fight. The Pope is really cute, but Yu Lian has such a twisted sense of beauty, she’d probably find the Pope scary. I’m also imagining a scene where Wolf calls the Pope “cute”, the Pope gets mad, insults Wolf, and Yu Lian’s evil power comes out. MUHAHAHAHA!! Oh god, I love these characters.

  25. Baka Weiss

    7: Earth. From what we see when Sun used Earth Shield, it defends perfectly and from all directions, so Feng just can’t do anything worth jack squat. On the other side Earth can whack at him with a sword and bludgeon him to death – the Earth Knight’s description is Gentle Giant and I bet he can bend horseshoes with bare hands.

    8: THE. POPE. Again for safety’s measure – THE. POPE.
    Their cheapskate and people-control powers aside, both are squishies making it’s a fight between sissies. But The Pope is a wily old guy who probably has more than a few tricks up his sleeve for fights, while Yu Lian is mostly a straight nuker type whose usual atactic is to blow the opposition to kingdom come with a long incantation, while being protected by meat shields. Plus, holy magic has more than a few self-buffing spells, making The Pope far more surviveable.

  26. Sen

    I’ll go with Earth Knight because he’ll probably be able to defend himself well and defeat Feng Wu Qing when he’s tired out.
    Also the Pope since he’s probably incredibly strong at magic. I mean, he IS the pope after all which I’m pretty sure is an incredibly high status and even knows Resurrection. I’m quite sure he’s better at magic than Yu Lian.

  27. Purplei

    In round 7, I think Feng Wu Qing would win because he’s an amazing fighter (even though he’s a jerk) and really, the best spell that Earth knows is a shield. Since Feng Wu Qing is agile, wouldn’t he just be able to go around the shield? Also, since Earth specializes in defense, he wouldn’t be used to fighting, because someone else usually does the fighting for him.
    Round 8 would be a closer battle. Yu Lian is an amazing strategist and a good mage, and the Pope is the “most powerful member of the Church of the God of Light.” In the end, I feel that this would come down to a battle to determine who is the strongest mage. While Yu Lian has the amazingly powerful Meteor Showers, the Pope isn’t the most powerful in the Church for nothing, and I think he would win. While the Pope is nowhere near the insane power of Grisia, I feel that he is definitely powerful than Yu Lian, and has more magic power.

  28. noodlecharm

    Round 7: Earth Knight!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooohoooo!!!!
    I think he would win because I think that he is more cunning and even more devious (although no where better than sun^_^) than Feng Wu Qing. Feng Wu Qing will, at first, have the upper hand because he an offensive type. Since Earth Knight focuses his skills more on the defense, he will defend himself first. but, i am quite sure that he also must know how to fight, being that he is a knight, and in the end defeat Feng Wu Qing using all of his skills. Not to forget that he can also hide his true intentions and act so innocent, honest, and… weak…Hehehe. (Although if this was a beauty pageant… I think I would go with Feng Wu Qing… Just the looks… ^_^ Wahahaha!!! I don’t like Georgo at all. But I do like “Earth Knight”).

    Round 8: The Pope.
    The pope would definitely win! although he is old, he does looks like a 14 year old kid… and that alone says a lot of things… the pope must have a lot of tricks hidden somewhere. Although I really like Yu Lian and wish that she wins, I don’t think that she would be able to think fast enough to counter the pope’s attack. She is more like a support type who only fights in the sides. If it was one-on-one match, 1 don’t think she is physically fit for it. Well, maybe also the pope. Wah, this fight will have not much running around (that’s what I can imagine).
    Plus, I also think that the pope knows more magic (although he so otherwise) than Yu Lian…

    Wahh… I like 1/2 Prince a lot!!! But I think that these rounds go to LSK!^_^ Cheers to both novels!!!

    • noodlecharm

      Sorry… please add ‘said’ to ‘(although he _______ so otherwise)’
      … Yeah… Missed that word…
      Ah… I was just read the other comments… Either way… I still think Earth knight and Pope won…
      Feng Wu Qing has a chance though…
      These rounds are difficult because we only have few knowledge about the contestants’ abilities… only Wu Qing and Yu Lian have some info… Georgo and the Pope were only given a few hints…

    • noodlecharm

      … Just thinking…

      Why did I think that Earth Knight and the pope would win if they did not have much fighting scenes???

    • angel

      because although they dont have much fight scene, we know better than to make those two actually fight XD
      they are both cunning and scary. The only reason they are being overshadowed was because Grisia top the charts on all the scary qualities.

  29. dim1

    My vote is for Yulian, she’s got the shadow smile and meteo.
    another vote for Earth Knight, he can outlast Feng Wu Qing though I like him better than Earth

  30. NanoLaughing

    For Round Seven: I see Earth Knight wining, 1) because he has high defensive abilities and 2) he has been trained all of his childhood as a knight, so he is mentally and physically ready to face any opponent. Of course Feng Wu Qing would initiate the first attack, but to be blocked my Earth’s Earth shield then sliced when Feng is off balance from the sudden attack of Earth’s shield, forcing him back onto the ground where as Earth will encase him in rock. then quickly finish him off by crushing him under the heavy pressure of rock.
    Round 8: I’m giving my point to The Pope, 1) he is named the ‘Most Powerful in the Church of Light’ thus his skills are impeccable, and to show up his status, He is a great mage. 2) Yu Lian would not gain anything, no money or items, instead she may get a bill for damages, ha ha kidding. Yu Lian would get no victory for defeating a old man. (or a very young looking youth)

  31. Topaz

    …I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that Earth Knight and Pope would win even without having a single battle in the book.

    But that doesn’t matter anyway.No matter who wins these rounds,at the end they would be defeated by Sun anyway.So why the trouble?

  32. SnowStorm

    Between Feng wu Qing and The Earth Knight, I believe Feng would win because of his agility. We all know that Earth specialises in defense, but as Feng is a thief, it not like he’s going to go for a full frontal attack like a warrior.
    I’m not really sure what the Pope’s abilities are, but when it comes to magic, at least we know he’s worse than Sun (who would have been most powerful pope had he not been a knight). Also, we don’t know whether his magic just gives him a youth’s appearance or also its other features. So, I am betting on Yu Lian, as she could definately beat him with meteor shower.

    • angel

      feng is not a thief…
      I don’t know why some people keep saying he is a thief, but that guy is a swordman…. or some form of warrior. He use sword.
      LoliDragon is a thief.

    • angel

      Wow, thanx.
      I did not know it had a name…. All the different kind of sword confused me x.x
      So I guess FWQ is a warrior? what is the different between a swordman and a warrior anyhow :/

    • SnowStorm

      Thanks for the correction, even though I still think he would win as Earth really has no way of defeating him.

  33. Lala

    I’d definitely vote for Earth Knight and Yu Lian.
    Feng Wu Qing isn’t all that intelligent. While fighting doesn’t necessarily require huge amounts of intelligence, intellect should definitely be an edge. Earth–while his main character traits are all about being the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing and his holy shield–is a knight. His sword skills would definitely be much better than the Sun Knight’s. Feng Wu Qing is good–but probably not amazing, in comparison to other characters. If Earth could equalize Feng Wu Qing–he doesn’t even need to be superior!–Earth would definitely win.
    Yu Lian has reasonable amounts of attack power–the Pope specializes in healing. (Remember, he’s nowhere near as strong as Grisa. I doubt the Pope even knows magic outside healing.) Eventually, enough Yu Lian could wear down his stamina–not even the Pope is as strong as his Sun Knight. Also, let’s not forget how long it took the Pope to cast an “Ultimate Heal”–Yu Lian’s “Meter Shower” should be sufficient, even if it consumes a large amount of her mana.

  34. Tamult

    Honestly? The second match is harder than the first. While I have base info on the 1/2 prince series, as I read LSK, from what I’ve read ability wise, the first match is basically a guaranteed win for Earth.

    Round 7 is Earth. Sure we have a super speedy thief-fighter, but Earth is a defensive power-house who can heal himself and is one of the better swordsman in the Church. Added on to his signature Earth Shield, you have a defensive juggernaut.

    Round 8? I’d give it to the Pope out of pure surprise factor. We know that the Pope is a powerful magic user in Holy light at least, but not so much else wise. We do know he knows magic though, and depending on how the sneak plays it, he might well get a blindside by casting an actual offensive spell that isn’t holy. I wouldn’t count on it working against any of the LSK characters though. Or anytime other than the first round. If the pope can act as the implacable man to get off the shot (he’d likely would be decked out in those healing beads) then he wins. Plus the pope is a schemer.

    Whoever wins round 8 is screwed though because they face Leaf.

    I wonder when Neo comes up. I don’t think many people could fight him and win. Mr. Strongest Sun Knight who can take on a Dragon while drunk with one helper and win.

  35. Ruu

    Feng Wu Qing, as much as I love you, Earth is going to kick your ass. He’s a tank with the most ridiculously powerful shield ever, and speed won’t get you past it. Around, maybe, but he’ll be waiting with his sword.

    If the Pope is anything like Neo, he’s going to crush Yu Lian. Since he’s capable of using high level magic and is a sneaky bastard, I think he’ll be able to mindscrew Yu Lian enough. I mean, there’s no reason for her to flip out and become a scary monster, and I’m pretty sure “reflect” is considered “holy” magic…

  36. Baka Weiss

    Oshi-!! I just thought about it and I know who the winner of the tournament will be in the end! Three letters in the name, take your guesses…

    Hint: He is the most broken and feared character in one of the two series.

    • Nicole

      Actually I’m curious if what if Grisia, the most perfect Sun Knight fight Neo, the strongest Sun Knight in history…
      Will Grisia, the strongest punchbag with godly healing & magic ability able to win agains Neo’s sword???

      But I dun think Grisia will win the tournament coz he will definately lose if he face Judge…

    • Baka Weiss

      The only chance Creus(I prefer Lealynn’s version of the name) has against Neo is if he learns advanced and high-advanced magic of all kinds and beats him before Neo has a chance to start slicing him in pieces. Cuz I doubt even Sun’s legendary cockroach-ness can save him from the kind of damage Neo will do to him with a sword(I wonder if Sun can regenerate from several scraps of meat – just remember the final attack in the cave that Neo used.)

      Also, Judge is basically a weaker version of Neo – so I think Creus ha a very real chance of beating Lesus.

      I think the quarter finals are gonna be Creus, Neo, Son of War and whoever wins through D Block(lower right). I have this nagging feeling it’s gonna be our black skinned friend Alstier Do’Urden.

    • noodlecharm

      I think that Sun will be too afraid to face Neo… XD hihihi… So he will do anything NOT to fight him… (Maybe lose on purpose ☺)

    • Nicole

      I noe Grisia will juz forfeit from the match & say something like to honour the teacher o things like tat to save face (o mayb his life) but I really wanna c both of them fighting for once…
      If both of them r fighting seriously, it’s really hard to think who will lose…

    • angel

      hmm… Grisia vs. Neo….. I am pretty sure you will see Grisia run halfway around the globe just to get away from the fight lol…. Even if Grisia believe he could win against Neo, his mentality was trained so that Neo=Scary, absolute obedience. SO I am pretty sure Neo will win in one way or another and with a pretty big bang lol

    • Mitsou

      @angel Mhmm, what you said made sense! darn, but I want Sun to win, I hope their fight will be delay till the books show off all sun potential power (Darn it, I’m not allow to give spoiler). Cause at least by book 7, I (others) can give a solid statement of why Sun won’t be scared by his teacher anymore!

    • angel

      yeah, I know what you mean. The only way for Grisia to fight Neo is if he wasn’t in his right mind, enough so that he could overcome the imprinting and his love for his teacher lol. And for Grisia to become insane, there will be plenty of fun happen :D

    • ninjastar

      The only way Neo will not make it to the end of the tournament if he, by some random chance, faces a girl that’s pretty. I wish Prince made it, so then he could dress up like a girl (O.O’ A tranny crossdressing????) and kick Neo’s butt. But then, if Prince had made it, Sun wouldn’t have to face off against Neo.
      Oh, people who voted for Sun Knight. One question; did you vote for Sun because you love him, or because no one thought of Sun being beaten by Neo?
      Of course, Sun’s beating will be done “gracefully”.
      Oh, and another thing. If Sun manages to get over his fear (not likely), use magic to kill his awesome teacher (nearly impossible), and win, he’ll still die after the tournament. Why?
      Because beating your teacher up is “ungraceful”. XD DEATH KNIGHT NEO.

  37. cathulu

    the Pope will be victorious i mean he has the same holy light magick as Sun (if not more ) and no limitations to use it and he can stand up to neo so he has to be an inredibly strong and devious mainded bastard.
    as for Earth he has a impenetrable defence. no mater how fast the oponent if the blows do not reach they are only wasted energy and he can provoke Feng Wu Qing if he tries to come up with a strategy by flirting with Lolidragon

  38. 15B

    Knight-Captain Earth v.s. Wu Qing
    Earth will steal his women and Wu Qing will be so infuriated he dies. (Hey… Are we still sending in stories for the rounds…?) And besides that, Wu Qing will grow exhausted from hacking at Earth’s shield.

    The Damn Old Man v.s. Yu Lian
    “’I know Flame Arrow, Fireball, Pillar of Fire, Wall of Flames, Flame Surge and Meteor Shower. I don’t know as many earth spells, only Jaws of Hell, Earthquake, and Armor of Earth.'”
    Hm… I think some of these will probably have a faster cast time than Meteor Shower, but naturally be less powerful or only targets a single opponent. I remember Yu Lian using Earthquake in V2C3 and it appeared to be an instant cast move. Or the cast time was extremely short. All she had to do was touch to ground and a fissure nearly sent the grass spirit toppling in.

    Although the Pope can gather holy light without an incantation, he will probably still need to recite something to heal himself. If Yu Lian can interrupt his spells or keep him constantly on the defense, hopefully Yu Lian will win. Unless the Pope is constantly defending, but Yu Lian still can’t get his HP low enough to finish him off. Then it’ll be the Pope’s win because Yu Lian will run out of MP and the Pope likely has larger reserves of holy light than Yu Lian does MP. Hm… After rereading V2C3, now I’m not sure if MP pots are banned. Prince only mentioned that HP pots were banned from the tournament.

    I think that Yu Lian will be able to kill the Pope before he can himself adequately.

  39. AC

    I don’t like Earth, but grudgingly I admit he would win round 7. Feng Wu Qing isn’t good enough to go through Earth’s defenses, then he’d tire and Earth could finish him even without being good in the offensive. Plus, Earth would be annoyed by Feng Wu Qing popularity among the ladies, so we could count on his rage to fuel him.
    For round 8… I’m abstaining from voting, because I don’t have a clue. There’s too many unknown factors in a battle among those two. For example, the Pope is probably stronger, but Yu Lian has a great range and maybe she can cast her magic faster than him. Maybe. And we don’t know if Yu Lian would be fooled by the Pope’s cute face and hesitate before attacking. So I don’t dare to guess the outcome of this battle.
    But if they were competing in financial management, I would vote for Yu Lian. ^^

  40. Nicole

    Round 7 will be Earth Knight
    a warrior with high HP vs a knight with a perfect defence & strong healing ability.
    Wu Ching may be strong but against a perfect defence, there’s nothing he can do.
    If things ends here maybe Wu Ching still have hope but Earth Knight is 1 of the Godly 12 Holy Knight which is super strong….
    Plus he can KO da Sun Knight Platoon on his own shows that he is a very strong fighter as well.
    On top of that, his 2nd to Grisia healing ability mean he can heal himself in case he was injured…
    Earth will definately win even if his HP may be lower than Wu Ching in the begining.

    Round 8 will be the Pope
    A mage vs a Priest with extra ordinary mage ability.
    Even Sun Knight didnt dare to look down on the pope. plus no 1 mentions that the pope cant use magic…
    So he can openly fight Yu lian using some extremely strong magic spell, this makes the fight 50/50…
    But looking at how the pope can heal himself but yu lian cant, the winner will be the pope…

    Basically I think this tournament was not fair at all…
    coz we are asking normal ppl (or gamer) to fight the chosen ones who received the god’s blessing…
    definately not fair….

  41. okura

    Okay, maybe i’m a little late, but i’ll givr it a try xD

    1. I think the winner would be Earth. i think that all Earth should do would be salute timidly Feng Wu Quing, pretend to be feeling ashamed in front of so many people and fangirls, then activate the Earth Shield, rise his sword, and pretend to be ready but nervous to recieve an attack,and when FWQ approaches thinking he has a chance against someone who is so pitiful with women, i TOTALLY see Earth using a surprise elemental attack or a VERY sneaky move (like pretend to fall back whilst throwing sand in FWQ’s eyes), and then taking the upper hand with either his swordmanship or his magic. So Earth would win cause he’s a trickster… (And i get the feeling he loves to be like that lol) and cause FWQ is an arrogant idiot lol.

    2… This one’s hard.

    … After doing some thinking, i’ll make an idiotic vote: i think Yu Lian would win, because the Pope would let himself lose on purpose so that he won’t have to face grisia in the later rounds. If the pope and the sun knight fought, what’d the people think? More over, knowing himself and grisia, they’d both go all out on the battle in order not to lose to each other, but that’d make it nearly impossible to keep their facades. So i see the pope using his magic the best he can to stop Yu Lian’s spells, leaving some minor attacks go through on purpose, then healing himelf, and repeat, ‘not truly wanting to attack a daughter of the GoL’, and then pretending to run out of energy and fall to his knees, admitting defeat. Crazy, maybe, but is what i think he’d do x3

    Maybe i’ll write this stories if i ever get my laptop back lol (using the cellphone)

    • Wings

      actually, the pope and Sun Knight are supposed to not get along =u= so… they can go all out and fight each other… (Sun have to uphold his image somehow… not sure if the Pope has any kind of image which he is suppose to uphold though)

    • okura

      thank you <3

      @Wings, that's why i think he would avoid the fight, because he doesn't get along with grisia, but the people think they do. And since he knows that if he fought Sun he would not be able to be calm and not go all out, and neither would grisia… then maybe he would use this chance to 'lose' and leave the competition which will not earn him any money xD unless there WAS a prize in money i didn't know about, in which case, this fight would be a bloody exciting one :D

    • Wings

      Thet are not supposed to. The public in general think that the Pope and the Sun Knight do not get along. They are supposed to squabble a little whenever they meet or something =_=

      It’s something along the line of Sun Knight and Pope are not suppose to get along because they belong to different fractions (Public’s perception) The public expects them to want to triumph over each other. It’s briefly mentioned in V2C4

      Grisia and Pope actually quite along quite okay even though they are not super fond of each other.

    • angel

      though the problem is I doubt Grisia would want to go on another battle while hiding his ability lol….
      remember the fight with the son of the god of war’s battle? He utterly let other people fight in his place. He know full well his agility is not good enough to dodge in time. And during the battle, he can’t even follow the sword fights…. Plus he can’t use his magic to save himself in front of the crowd (if the crowd are us, then he can lol, cuz we already know it :P )….. Unless he power up with the later development, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

      the pope himself though would not want to show his trick yet. Given he is always in the back row.

  42. Azyvli

    I think Feng Wu Qing would most likely win because Earth can’t just keep using his Shield of Earth… He’ll probably need time to cast it and Feng Wu Qing can just keep using his Continuous Attack to either a) break the shield or b)the shield will disappear because of time and Earth will be hit by the attacks.

    The Pope will probably win because of his secrets like the one where he’s adept at magic… That’s obviously a lie so he’ll just use a highly skilled attack that no one knows he knows. Yu Lian’s most powerful spell takes time to cast so she’ll have to try to defend herself but she can’t really cast two spells, one casting an attack and one shielding herself, so The Pope can just use spells that have short casting time but are powerful repeatedly and beat Yu Lian.

  43. Flitfish

    Round 7:
    Feng Wu Qing vs Earth Knight… Neither of their abilities is really expanded on that well. Feng Wu Qing is a very good swordsman and Earth Knight can make use of a very strong earth shield. Sun said he felt safe behind it though and if Sun feels safe, you can assume it’s strong. I guess I’d put my money on Feng Wu Qing being unable to defeat Earth’s defense.

    Round 8:
    Yu Lian vs Pope
    Pope is old and a strong cleric. He can probably heal whatever damage Yu Lian does to him. He also has more experience than Yu Lian when it comes to magic due to his high age. I’d write him off as the winner except. I always thought of holy magic as healing and defensive spells. It’s not mentioned if he can use any magic outside of holy magic either… since he’s not as insane as Sun I’m going to assume his magic is limited to holy. I vote Yu Lian wins on virtue of Pope lacking offensive abilities.

  44. Faa

    Round 7
    This round is quite tricky, since everyone knows that warriors are better at one to one, so it would seem like Feng Wu Qing having the upper hand. On top of that he is good one and known for his fast swordsmanship, whose attacks are deadly, while the Earth Knight specializes in defense.
    But the Earth Knight is also fast at casting his Shield of Earth, so defending himself against Feng Wu Qing shouldn’t be that difficult. As for swordsmanship, I don’t think he would lose to FWQ, since in the side story Neo thought to himself that the young knights’ swordsmanship could all be said to be above expectations (and that was about 10 years ago) and Sun also mentioned something about the standard of the Twelve Holy Knights. So in the end, the Earth Knight, who also got God’s blessings will emerge as the winner.

    Round 8
    This is a battle between wolfs in sheep’s clothing, so I’m not sure if there will be an ultimate winner.
    On first thoughts, I would say Yu Lian, since she IS very scary. On top of that she knows enough powerful spells. On the other hand, they need to be recite and powerful spells like Meteor Shower have a long cast time.
    Her opponent is a shrewd Pope, who’s got many MANY years of experience on his hands. Who knows what kind of magic he learned throughout the years. Everyone in LSK seems to have a hidden personality, so I doubt that he is a normal cleric, how else did he survive being the Pope for so long?
    A mage, who always fight in a team, is definitely at a disadvantage. Who will cover for her while she casts her spells? Who is going to heal her when she gets attacked?
    As for the old man, since he is a cleric, he knows many holy magics, but can they deal any damage??
    Anyway my guess for the winner: The Pope
    With God’s blessings, he won’t lose to Yu Lian regarding HP and with his magic, he can easily keep Yu Lian from casting her spells. If he were to cast the Holy Light, blinding Yu Lian and all the observers, he could also use all kind of magic to attack her.
    So I think that the pope has a higher possibility at winning.

  45. Zaz

    Round 7
    Winner = Feng Wu Qing.
    The Earth Knight has to maintain is character as a kind and benevolent knight. But Feng Wu Qing will without a doubt realize that The Earth Knight is using that appearance to seduce women, and seeing that Feng Wu Qing is the brother of “That Prince”, he will probably whisper to the Earth Knight as they exchange blows ‘I know some fine women to introduce to you if you lose here and since we are at that let’s show all those ladies here some handsome male sportsmanship after I defeat you, so we can score some more’. Since the Earth Knight can strike 3 with one stone (meeting new girls, maintain is reputation of nice guy, and be nursed) he will agree.
    Round 8
    Yu Lian VS the Pope
    Winner The Pope. It’s clear, not for the reason above but because beeing the Pope is has to win by all means. A quick investigation will show that Yu Lian like money, so he will give her some before and after the match (both are not fool). With that The Pope will defeat Yu Lian with seemingly overwhelming power.

  46. Aimee

    Round 7: Earth Knight

    I really don’t like him….but I think he would win, simply because he has more stamina and patience than Wu Qing. I think Wu Qing will get so tired of hacking away at earth walls halfway that he’ll probably do something drastic and/or stupid that results in his defeat by Earth. Because I highly doubt Wu Qing will even be able to touch Earth.

    Round 8: The Pope

    I’m sorry, but someone with insane light abilities, with so much experience and able to hold out against the strongest holy knight is something. Also, being able to use magic….Yulian still has to take time to cast her powerful spells, and isn’t able to heal herself, so I think the pope will eventually win.

    However, in terms of financial skills, Yulian you win hands down, and we all know what truly matters to her :333

  47. NeoWarrior

    Yulian will out-class The Pope’s financial abilities so much, that he’ll give up so that he doesnt lose any more money…

    Earth Knight will win because he will use any trick in the book and Fang Wu Qing is too dumb to realize that a guy with a shield is more dangerous than a guy with a blade…

  48. Cklaighe

    Round 7:
    Earth Knight
    Simply because he is Earth Knight. They have been trained to have superior defense skills and endurance. Though the defense skills is the only thing emphasized, his fighting skills should be superior to Sun Knight. Wu Qing is good with intel but i don’t really see him as a very strategic fighter

    Round 8:
    He is Pope for a very good reason. And he is one of the most powerful people in the Kingdom.
    Just inline with the Sun Knight and Judge Knight. Yulian. I haven’t really been impressed with her skills. Sorry

  49. Darkgrirmora

    Round 7: Earth Knight
    Ahhhh such a hard round. Feng wu Qing is a great warrior with a high attack but what good is that if he can’t really get in an attack edgewise against earth. Earth’s defense is just too strong and he could also heal himself a little (though with his weak holy light [stronger than a cold hearted faction knight yes but still not too strong where he can have too many minor heals] I don’t think it will make too much of a difference). I believe that with Earths fairly decent sword skills and his strong defense, Wu Qing wouldn’t do Much damage before (with his small hp) he was slashed down by Earth. And what damage earth does take he could heal up a little with a minor heal.
    Round 8: The pope.
    Okay scariest battle of the century here 0.0. Financial wits and scary smiles galore!!
    Oh yu lian-dàsăo I really do think u’ll put up a really good fight. With your advanced spells and damaging fire magic I think u’ll do a lot of harm. But I feel that the priest can always heal himself back up again and he probs has some defensive spells (like light shield) to lessen the damage and protect him while he cast spells at yu lian!! I feel that also because he is so cunningly smart that he’ll find ways to cut yu lian off in the middle of her casting of spells that could do him a lot of damage.
    So I feel that in the end the pope will win with his shield, healing and spells but will take quite a bit of damage from yu lian too ^-^!

  50. Alyss

    (This is kinda irrelevant and i already voted, but I dont know where else to post this.)
    I just realized we’re pitting the Sun Knight against Lolidragon in the quarter-finals.
    I feel like an utter doosh for not realizing something so… ‘potentially amusing’ (putting it lighty) earlier on.

    • lucathia

      This round is still open. We don’t know when the next round will go up yet! For now, it is possible that the next round will be on hold for a bit.

  51. randomtyping

    Oh my god, a hard decision…


    For the first round, both would kill each other for stealing their women (but in the end, they’ll both kill Sun…), Earth has exceptional defense. Though Feng Lu’s swordsmanship is good (much better than Sun’s…), Earth has earth magic AND has trained to be a knight. So… I think Earth would win for sure. [Just for extras, for decieving women, hands down, it’s earth knight but I got ot admit, they both decieve women pretty well, maybe they’ll tell all their tactics to the opponent rather than fighting.]

    For the second round, the pope would win, he probably actually knows necromancy (that may be one of his many secrets). He has sixty years of age, love for money and shamelessness. As long as there is money involved for the grand prize in the fight, he would DEFINITELY win, even killing his 12 Holy Knights in the process. Yu Lian may be a mage but not a great, greedy, leader of the temple, holy, lots of healing power to waste, powerful magic caster, bastard like the pope! I mean, he hasn’t been living sixty years for nothing!

    Round 7: Earth III Round 8: Pope

    [If you think about it none from 1/2 Prince would have a chance of winning actually since it’s a game but for the heck of it anyway XD]

    • randomtyping

      In addition to my comment about why I chose Pope is: Yu Lian will grow tired of casting spells and shout in frustration ‘WHY CAN’T THIS OLD BASTARD JUST DIE?!’ and Pope probably dealt with assassins in the holy temple during the Monastery of War arc.

      And more additions for Earth is: maybe they’ll just end in a tie, you know ‘healed by females’ but if they were serious because someone stole someone’s woman, it would be Earth.

  52. XiaoXun

    I believe the victors to be the Earth Knight and the Pope.

    Earth Knight: As explained many times in the book, knights were meant to be meatshields, constantly being beaten. However, if you were to add on to the fact that he is only of the twelve holy knights, who are above Master level and can battle at the level of gods, he will win. He has a perfect impenetrable defense. His swords skills have to be excellent as well. Considering he is a leader among knights who practice swordsmanship. He will have a perfect KO, considering his impenetrable defense, he can turtle all day.

    The Pope: Who is it that runs the affairs of the Church of the God of Light for over sixty years? Also, who remains the strongest in said church for sixty years? The Pope. Yu Lian’s magic is, in the game, considered to be a slow casting type of mage. The Pope can practically spam the spell Holy Light on her. Resulting in a perfect KO…

    Both of these are perfect KOs. The Pope has too much experience and power while the Earth Knight is a powerful fighter.

  53. awesomegrl77

    For the battle between Feng Wu Qing and the Earth Knight, I think Feng Wu Qing would win because he would have more attack power and speed, and even though the Earth Knight has heavy defensive powers, I think Feng Wu Qing would be able to get some strong hits in before he has a chance to get a good shield up, making his shield too weak to really protect him.
    With the Pope and Yu Lian, it’s a lot harder to say because they both seem to have powers that are much a like. I’m not sure how effective holy magic is on people, so I’m think Yu Lian would win because she could deal out more offensive damage, therefore defeating the Pope quicker than he can heal himself. It would be very close though.

  54. Sapphire

    I think Earth Knight will win against Feng Wu Qing. Aside from having a high defensive magic which is the earth shield, we can consider that Earth Knight is one of the 12 Holy Knights whom Neo trained in handling sword so i guess he’s not as bad as Grisia when it comes to it. Oh, and another one is that he has a healing ability which Wu Qing doesnt have. Earth will just heal himself over and over again whenever Wu Qing injures him.

    Between Yu Lian and Pope, I will vote for Pope. Both of them have magic but the difference is, Pope having healing ability. And based on the description for the Pope is “He is extremely SHREWD……”.

  55. crues

    I think the pope will win, because he had lived 60 years so far, he would have more experience than Yu Lian, right? So when come to attack or divine skill, Pope would be more powerful than Yu Lian.
    As for round 7, I think Earth will surely win because he have the Earth shield, none weapon can attack him with that shield. So I surely think that Earth will win.

  56. judgement

    Round 8: Pope
    He has the power to maintain his apperance at his 16 – year – old. And he can make the healing bracelet in lsk v2 and give as a present to the god of war. He has the power to do that so he can win Yulian like ‘arrayed across the bridge’. Don’t speak of , he is the head of the Church of Light, he have to be mature with all the divine spell, element magic, holy magic.
    Yulian just mature with the fire element, and can not block all attacks.
    So of course, while, she is try to block the attacks, he can attack with another element that opposite with fire elements.
    Round 7: Earth Knight
    He can cast the holy spell, maybe the 2nd strong in WARM – GOOD faction. (after Sun).
    with this amount of holy magic, he can make the ultimate shield that no one or either human can pass through.
    Eventhough, he have not just have his shield but with his pretty good swordman ship.
    So even if Feng Wu Ling attack from which side he can easily reflex.

  57. Nonii ♥

    Round 7: Even though I think Feng Wu Ling and Earth Knight are both strong, Earth has a high amount of holy magic, so he can heal himself if injured, along with a high protective shield, which will prevent him from getting injured, not to forget his misleading appearance and character. He’s evil, but he doesn’t show it. Since he acts all nice and Feng Wu Ling is a bit……..Stupid.. I mean… He didn’t even recognize his own sister.. how will he possibly discover a second personality to the highly trained Earth Knight… Earth Knight will fight with his façade of “good and honest” while scheming his win, by the time Feng Wu Ling discovers the “trick” he’ll already have lost… that IF he ever discovers it..

    As for round 8: I don’t think Yu Lian will be softened by a “baby-face” nor “beauty” (It’s Yu Lian we’re talking about after all.)
    They both have to cast spells, it’ll be a matter of who’s quicker. And there I think Yu Lian has more experience. Yes, I know the pope is older, and that he’s the head of the church and all that. But I haven’t seen him fighting much, besides he’s a cleric, his attack power should be limited. Yu Lian is a mage, she has high attack power and she fights on regular base. On top of that the Pope needs a LOOOONG time to cast the Ultimate healing (as far as I remember though) while Yu Lian deals lot of damage. Besides, she will go berserk once she discovers he wastes money and power to look that young… and a berserk Yu Lian is scary *shivers*


    Round 7 winner: Earth Knight
    Round 8 winner: Yu Lian

  58. Zel-zel

    ROUND 7
    Winner: EARTH
    While Feng Wu Qing is a great swordsman, so is Earth. Wu Qing might have the advantage of speed but very little of defense (especially when compared to Earth) and limited regenerative capabilities (I doubt he’ll be carrying a large bag to a battle, so how many potion bottles can he carry in his pocket?) whereas Earth, in addition to being a great swordsman himself with a shield that can be whipped out any time (and dissipated for a little less load, especially during offense) , has magic, probably more than healing holy magic but other sorts that can aid him in battle.
    Also, I observed that Wu Qing is quite against dirty tricks (maybe only when he’s on the receiving end, but that’s just a maybe–let’s assume he really doesn’t like underhanded tricks) and, Earth being a two-faced bastard, I wouldn’t put dirty tricks past him.
    “I-I’m sorry. I g-give up.”
    “Eh? Well, that was eas–”
    “–just kidding!” SLASH!

    ROUND 8
    Winner: POPE
    This isn’t a battle of clerical skills, so I’ll put the financial management thing aside.
    Yu Lian does have great offensive magical ability but her most damaging ones take up a lot of casting time and, other than health and mana potions (which I doubt she can carry much of and I don’t think the pope will give her the opportunity to gulp them down). The pope, on the other hand, is a bit of dark horse but I’m pretty sure he knows other sorts of magic other than holy (which is handy too) and, though magic is exhausting, he probably has a near bottomless supply of mana (or energy) if he can keep himself looking like a teenager.
    Yu Lian is clearly at a disadvantage.

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