Yu Wo’s Birthday Song – Update

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One of our readers, Chronicole, has submitted some modified lyrics to the Poem of Light song, making it now rhyme. We tweaked it slightly to improve the rhythm and here’s the final product. If you’re interested in singing the song and haven’t done so already, please try using this version.

Thanks again, Chronicole!

Birds flying high and CLOUD drifting past
The golden SUN illuminates the path
Up in the trees a LEAF rustles gently
A butterfly flutters past me Continued

English Proofreaders Wanted!

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That’s right guys, we’re opening up the English Proofreading position again, looking for 2-3 new staff members. We also just changed our application test to allow us to gauge applicants’ skill more accurately, so even if you’ve applied before we welcome you to try again! The positions will be open until we receive enough applicants that meet our requirements. We are setting the bar quite high this time, so don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of time.

If you’re interested in helping us get chapters out more quickly and with higher quality, head on over to our recruitment page for more information.

And of course, we’re always looking for more translators as well! The translator’s application has similarly been improved so please take a look if you believe you’re qualified.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who applied. The proofreader position is now in wait-list status. So you’re welcome to still send in your application at any time, but even if you are qualified, it may be some time before we actually recruit you into the group.


Update: March 2012 – Yu Wo’s Birthday and Other Blurbs

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March 2012 Chapters
  1. ½ Prince V6Extra: Life in Search of a Future
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V3C5: “The Mandatory Mentor for an Adventure - A Wise Man”
  3. ½ Prince V7C1: Supreme Battleship
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V3C6: “The Road Every Adventure Must Travel - An Underground Cavern”

Hello everyone!

First, a couple of quick things: We have officially decided to change Tian Xian’s name to Celestial (For those of you who don’t remember, he is Doll’s husband) and the mobile version of our site, which had a couple of issues, has been updated. We have also decided to simplify the way we handle translations into other languages that are hosted on our site. They can now all be found at http://international.princerevolution.org/. If anyone is interested in translating into other languages, the requirement is now that you complete one chapter and submit it to us! More info is over on our recruitment page under “Other Languages”.

We would also like to remind you all that we frequently post little things over in our Staff Blog. Posts range from pictures posted by our staff members, discussions about characters, to things translated off Yu Wo’s own blog. Head on over there to check it out!

And now to our more important piece of news! For those of you who aren’t aware, Yu Wo’s birthday is on April 29th. This year we’d like to send her a big e-card filled with messages from her English-speaking fans. Please post here with messages you’d like us to send her! (For example, “Happy birthday from Mary Sue!”) These messages can be as long or short as you’d like (pages long if you really want!). If you would like us to include a picture that you’ve drawn or colored or even a short story that you’ve written, anything at all, send it along and we’ll include it. The deadline for this is April 15th. Please help us wish her a happy birthday!

Happy reading!


The “This is not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament Round 5-6

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Round 1
Round 2Round 3-4 • Round 5-6 • Round 7-8

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Round 5

Who would win in a fight between Fairsky and Moon Knight?

In-game name: Fairsky (晴天 qíng tiān)
Race: Human; Class: Thief
In short: She is initially a spoiled rich girl who used her money to get whatever she wanted. She later joins Infinite City and falls in love with Sunshine, a self-aware NPC. She is good at trickery and knows how to use knives and kunai daggers.
“Hmph!” Real name: ???
Age: 20+
Hair color: Indigo; Eye colour: Violet
Widely regarded as: A famous loner and narcissist.
The Moon Knight is one of the more tragic member of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. Since he need to keep his chin up permanently to create an haughty image, his neck muscles have stiffen to the point that he could not lower his head anymore. This can be a problem if he accidentally dropped some items or when he want to kiss his girlfriend. As a result, he could only woo girls who are at least 180cm tall and wear high heels. His primary weapon is a whip and he has very quick speed.

Round 6

Who would win in a fight between Sunshine and Leaf Knight?

Name: Lantis Illyushin (aka Sunshine)
Race: Humanoid NPC; Class: Mage
In short: Sunshine is Prince’s pet self-aware NPC. He is a powerful magician, capable of spells such as Arcane Missiles and Piercing Wind.
“Sun, are you really all right? Does it hurt? Do you need help? Are you sure?” Real name: ???
Age: 20+
Hair color: Green; Eye color: Gray-green
Widely regarded as: A truly nice guy.
Yet another member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction, the Leaf Knight is a genuinely good-hearted person. He turns into a genuinely scary person, however, when you put a bow in his hands. According to Sun, Leaf can fire five arrows in ten seconds, with all of them hitting the bull’s eye. He can also run, leap, sing a song, turn his head to look at a hot babe, and turn the enemy into a hedgehog with his arrows, all at the same time.He specializes in ranged attacks, and his weapon is the Divine Leaf Bow.
Tournament and Contest Rules

Tournament Rules:

  1. In a comment, state who you think would win and why. You must give a solid reason in order for your vote to be counted (not X is hotter than Y). Remember, this is a fighting tournament not a beauty pageant!
  2. One clear winner only. No ties.
  3. One vote per person.
  4. At the end of the month we’ll count up all votes and announce the winner at the start of the next match. Winners will proceed to the next round of the tournament.
  5. The tournament takes place much like the Adventurers’ Tournament, in a stadium filled with spectators, with no outside interference allowed. The match ends by concession or death.

Writing Competition:

We are having an additional writing competition on top of the tournament. This will be separate from the monthly competitions we have in the forum and the challenge will be the same every time:

In no more than 2000 words, write a scene for how this month’s match would go.

For example, write what would happen if Prince and Sun fought. What techniques would they use and how would they counter? This can be a pure fight scene, or it can include dialogue. How it proceeds is all up to you! Ties are allowed. A writing competition entry is seperate from the tournament and will have no effect on the the tournament’s outcome. You will have to vote in the tournament separately.

PR! Staff will vote on the winner based how which entry is the most realistic/has the most chance for coming true. The winner will receive a chapter preview for the series of their choice.

To enter, email your writing to admin@princerevolution.org! The deadline for Rounds 3 and 4 is February 29th.