The Legend of Sun Knight V1Extra: “No Matter What Happens, the Sun Knight is Perfect”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1: An Introduction to Knight Theory

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

First Shared Rule of the Twelve Holy Knights: “No matter what happens, the Sun Knight is perfect” – translated by Erihppas

“Is Sun actually Supreme Dragon?”

A large banner was pinned up in the middle of the conference room. In order to avoid attention, not even a single candle was lit in the room. Inside, eleven knights sat at the long table, each person’s face and figure hidden in the darkness.

One of the knights spoke up first, “Sun Knight’s Sun-Style Swordsmanship has always been so messy to the point that it is difficult for people to recognize it, but of course he could not hide his face from Blaze—”

Another knight immediately interrupted the former’s words. “No! I’ve never said that Supreme Dragon is Sun, nor would I ever admit that Supreme Dragon is Sun.”

“Even if he is, I advise you to pretend that he isn’t,” a deep, severe voice rang out. As the voice pierced through the silence, everyone seemed to sit up straighter.

“While we have always upheld the principle that Sun Knight is the personification of Light and Justice, he really went too far this time. To even use necromancy… Don’t you think he needs to be warned?”

Hearing that, everyone rushed to put in their two cents’ worth.

“But he has already learned it. What are you going to warn him about? He won’t be able to forget what he has learned.”

“At least advise him not to learn advanced necromancy.”

“Idiot! Make it a rule that he should not use necromancy for the rest of his life, and forbid him from using elemental magic as well. What sort of knight uses magic?”

“Oh please! You know how lousy Sun’s swordsmanship is. If you forbid him from using necromancy and elemental magic, he’d probably get slashed to death in a single strike by someone two days later.”

“…Point taken.”

Knock knock knock!

There was a sudden rapping at the door. Everyone quieted down and looked at each other, not knowing whether or not they should answer.

“Come in.” The knight with a deep and severe voice was the one who finally spoke.

The door opened. A large amount of sunlight filtered into the dark conference room. The person who entered was like the sunlight as well, with shiny blond hair and bright cheerful smiles. No one could associate this light-filled man with anything related to darkness.

This person has a title that befits his appearance: Sun Knight. He looked around with a smile, as if he did not see the banner “Is Sun actually Supreme Dragon?” posted on the wall.

Sun Knight wore an apologetic and sincere expression as he spoke with an impassioned voice, “My dear brothers, Sun is extremely sorry for interrupting your secret meeting. Disrupting everyone’s conference is a sin that cannot be forgiven! However, Sun could not bear to wait to share with my brothers this miracle the God of Light has granted me.”

Sun’s expression was once again filled with joy. “Sun has just received the God of Light’s blessing, and finally understands the true meaning of Resurrection! Ah! Even His Holiness the Pope could not help but rejoice! My brothers can now fight evil with no qualms about getting any heavy injuries, for Sun believes that so long as my brothers’ heads remain, Sun can save everyone from Death’s hands!”

Having said that, his joyful words took a sharp turn, and Sun sighed. “Alas! It is unfortunate that Resurrection is a very unstable holy magic; it is not known when it will succeed and when it will fail! If the skill fails because of ‘unknown reasons’ and causes any brothers to lose their chance of living, Sun will feel extremely sorrowful.”

“…” Everyone continued their silence.

“After sharing this joyful news, Sun shall not disturb my brothers from communicating the God of Light’s compassion, and shall wish everyone here happiness.”

With a smile so bright that it looked a little scary, Sun Knight slowly closed the wooden door, and the room returned to darkness once more. After a moment of silence in the dark conference room, someone finally asked in a forced voice, “Was that…a bribe?”

“No, that was a threat!”

Judgment Knight slowly stood up, deciding to leave this pointless conference, and only leave a piece of advice out of kind-heartedness, “I warn you all, our Sun Knight has even dared to expose the king. If your position is not above that of the king’s, it’s best not to mess with him.”

Storm Knight also stood up and lazily added, “He mastered the Resurrection spell, which even the Pope can’t cast, and he’s proficient in holy magic, elemental magic, and necromancy. He has a teacher with the title of ‘The Strongest Sun Knight in History’ to support him from behind, as well as a necromancy teacher, and, incidentally, Sun just might be good friends with a Death Lord.”

Luckily, his swordsmanship isn’t even an ordinary type of lousy… everyone thought silently.

“Goddammit! Is he the Sun Knight or an evil Demon King?” Earth Knight growled, livid.

Leaf Knight chuckled as he said, “Oh Earth, have you forgotten what our teachers taught us since we were young till now?”

“Remember, child, no matter what the circumstances are, the Sun Knight is always perfect!”

Additional information: “Child, even if you’ve unintentionally discovered the Sun Knight’s imperfection, you had better just admit that he’s perfect unless you want to experience his imperfection yourself.”

[Sun Knight Volume 1 Extra Chapter End]

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  1. saintvalentine

    wow^^… a fun extra chapter~ so nice… i lol’ed at sun threat to the other knights a lot….. thank you ^^ (although the question about supreme dragon is a little odd somehow)

  2. bitterswtt

    That was surprising. I didn’t know that they knew of the Sun Knight’s skill in elemental magic and necromancy. I thought that it was the Dark Knight that knew Sun’s secrets. But the whole threat thing was funny!

    This novel never fails to make me laugh.

    Thank You translators, scanlators, editors and all the other people that I missed that was involved!

    • Sunny

      the existance of the sun knight itself is sue–perfect, handsome man with a cockroach’s tenacity and overflowing goodness. however, sun is not a sue, he’d obviously rather slaughter the innocent rather than forgive a criminal.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      As per our agreement with Yu Wo, we will never charge anything for our novel translations, not even for printed copies.

    • eilinel

      I think I have to clarify it before anyone start asking, we aren’t planning to have printed copies, so don’t even ask.

    • Ashley

      @Shadow Rebirth
      I didn’t quite mean it that way. I was just wondering if the author would allow the selling of her novels in an English version where the profits return to her. I suppose not, though

  3. angel

    Such a fun chapter! Yu Wo is an amazing writer, even the extra chapters are so fun to read. And this chapter just really, really made me love Grisia more.
    Just one thing I noticed right at that moment when the Sun Knight was entering the room with all his sunshiny-ness.
    The person who entered was like the sunlight as well, all shiny blond hair and bright cheerful smiles.
    I don’t think the smiles should be plural. Sure he can smile a lot, but at that moment it was just that one smile with his one mouth.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      It’s a turn of phrase that means the same thing as being “full of smiles”, and so is correct even though he only has one smile.

  4. Kyria

    It’s a little weird that the earth knight just called his ‘best friend’ an evil overlord in front of the other knights. I thought that he was supposed to matain his facade in front of other holy knights too. Also this chp makes it feel like all the other holy knights know each other very well (inspite of their faction) and sun is the only one out of the loop.
    Anyway , the last para about sun knights’ ‘imperfection’ was hilarious.
    Well, Thanks For The New Chapter!

    • kayue

      Ah, but this was a “secret” conference, held in the dark. I get the impression that the darkness and lack of names in the beginning gave them free reign to speak in their non-knight minds. And that carried over even after Sun brought light into the room. ;D

    • randomtyping

      Nah. It’s natural to call your friend an evil overlord with his necromancing and ‘buddy-buddy’ with the death knight. Anyway, Sun wouldn’t be all dazzling~ and speak nonesense- ack! I mean HOLINESS otherwise. He’d just flat out say: ‘I have the resurection spell, I can kill you but it’s not certain you’ll revive.’

  5. Vyrvat

    I think I just gained a whole lot of sympathy and respect for Earth Knight, as well as the other 10 Holy Knights. Thanks for the chapter! :) And no, I doubt Sun is a Sue – or at least if he is one, he’s written well enough for me to overlook it: he’s a knight with bad swordsmanship, is the Church of the God of Light’s walking billboard yet dares to learn necromancy, and if one met him on the street (not as the Sun Knight, just as Grisia) one would probably walk away feeling like “I want to murder this person” (at least, I might). While not strictly flaws, they make the character interesting and make Grisia himself drive the plot rather than the author, two things you don’t tend to find in a Sue. (Sources: many, many writings about Sues, fanfic I’ve read over the years, my own brain)
    Also, the last paragraph made me lol. I now have a weird vision of Sun or his teacher using their “imperfections” to make others’ lives hell.
    This post turned out longer than I wanted it to, but oh well.

  6. chicaalterego

    OMG they discovered it!!! o thought that they wouldn’t! … im tooo surprised… and have many emotions inside me. I think one of them is happiness, but other than they could have thrown us a name with those shadowy faces, anyway im sure it was not bace who discovered it. he didnt and he made the stupid asumption of seing a holy asassin

  7. Crimson knight

    HAHAHA!it was feel of both , i thought that there isnt a ressurection skill, but there is :D

  8. Sandal Hat

    Lol, loved this one as well, especially when Sun came in to their ‘secret’ meeting. It just made me think, what if Sun was good with the sword as well, guess knowing his weakness puts everyone else at ease

  9. Mouse

    ah this made me laugh, I love that everyone knows but they’re just going to leave it.

  10. kaorikuni

    Hilarious. Me while reading Sun: ” Bwuahaha”
    Oh so hilarious. Well, ther teachers taught them well.
    Resurrection skill: How I miss playing Ragnarok.
    I like this last chapter a lot. Judgement, as always, is the wise one. And it makes me feel too that they have a lot of secret meetings and only Sun is left out. Well… he is the light’s embodiment after all…

  11. kayue

    Gawd, I love you Sun! XD
    I think Grisia’s teacher choose well. Roland’s mind probably isn’t twisty enough to handle all the contradictions that a Sun Knight needs to possess in order to survive.
    And Grisia has an overabundance of twisty. ;D

    And the last line makes me wonder about all the other Sun Knights as welll!

    • kayue

      Oh, and when you think about it “Resurrection” would be natural to Grisia. Holy magic + Necromancy = Resurrection.
      How like him to use it to threaten bribe encourage the other Knights.

  12. Crimson knight

    is me or they changed from evil overlord to evil demon king?why? thought both are good to the place but i think that overlord is better here.

    • eilinel

      We accidentally published the draft version ^ ^; Demon King is the correct translation here.

  13. Aki

    Oh, my goodness.
    I forgot about the manhua, for both LSK and 1/2 Prince.

    I will catch up. Eventually.
    In the meantime, thank you! I wish I could be as delightfully evil as Sun is. Perfect, yet evil at the same time.

  14. d1r31

    This was great! I love how Grisia is a living contradiction – but with that blonde hair & gorgeous smile – who would realize that he is really baring his fangs? His list of crimes just keeps getting longer.

  15. *giggles like mad* Omg, I LOVE IT! X’D Too hilarious for words, seriously. Admittedly, I don’t know any other Sun Knights, but Grisia is my favorite Sun Knight ~ever~. XD I can’t WAIT to read the other volumes! <3 Thank you guys so much for the translations. <333

  16. Kira

    I tought his teacher is dead already. I guess this means previous generations of the Holy Knights are still alive. Do they pass on the position every certain period or something?

    • eilinel

      Yes they do. I think every generation of the Twelve Holy Knights retires when they are 50 years old or so (or was it 40? Can’t remember) and they pass on the duties to the next generation. Sun’s teacher has his own extra 2 book volume, we might translate it after we’ve finished translating the series.

    • mazahat

      @eilinel it was 40. and omg this chapter was hilarious! i was chuckling so hard that i couldn’t breath after reading storm’s parting comment!

  17. Lala

    Hey, just a few notes that I didn’t mention before:
    For “I warn you all, our Sun Knight has even dared to frame the king. If your position is not above that of the king’s, it’s best not to mess with him.” I think that “frame” is the wrong word considering Sun exposed the king’s crimes; Sun was the one being framed for Roland’s murder. “Expose,” as I believe it originally was, is a much better choice. The second thing is that the last pronoun should be changed to “Sun” or something that indicates the Sun Knight. While it’s obvious Judge is talking about Sun, it’s still an unclear pronoun ref. so it’s technically grammatically incorrect.

    “He mastered the Resurrection skill, which even the Pope doesn’t cast, and he’s proficient in holy magic, elemental magic, and necromancy. He has a teacher with the title of ‘The Strongest Sun Knight in History’ to support him from behind, as well as a necromancy teacher, and, incidentally, Sun just might be good friends with a Death Lord.”
    For this, “Resurrection skill” should be changed to “Resurrection spell,” possibly with an capital for the “spell” if it’s a proper noun (I don’t have the novels so I can’t check). Then there’s “doesn’t cast,” it should be “can’t cast” or “doesn’t know.” The current word choice is implying that the pope chooses not to cast the spell instead of not being able to cast the spell.

    So yeah, those are the things that bugged me the most. ^^;;
    Usually I don’t mention mistakes cause they’re pretty minor and I’d rather not get in a debate over such things but yeah…C:


    • Shadow Rebirth

      They’ve been fixed. Thanks for pointing them out! And please don’t hesitate to mention any error you catch; more likely than not, you’re right =]

  18. daystar

    this was epicly funny! thank you so much i loled the whole time, almost this is the best LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Brizo

    I think a tear just came to my eye. Sun Knight oh you wonderful thing you! Perfection in it’s best form, filled with sarcasm and denial. =D Thank you so much for translating this series!

  20. NecroSun-dono

    This chapter doesn’t make sense!
    How the hell did they found out that ‘Sun’ is the one behind ‘Supreme Dragon’? Oo

    p.s.: Thanks for the translation, you are the best!

    • eilinel

      Blaze recognizes Sun during the Holy-Assassin encounter. But of course, he cannot admit it at the time, or others will find out the true face of Sun Knight~

    • chicaalterego

      @eilinel now that you mention it…it makes sence… for a moment there i thought that maybe it was judge who discovered him… but then again he wouldnt make a reunion to discuss the matter and he would just yell at grisia…. talkig about random, did he really mastered that or was an escuse to apear with roland with him next time… also how much does storm knows… thats fellow is kind of scary

  21. unforgiven31

    It’s a mystery to me too how the other knights came to find out about that. If I had to guess, I’d say that Sun’s clumsy swordmanship gave him away when he first dueled Roland in front of the other knights, but they kept it to themselves. As for those who weren’t present at the duel, such as Storm and Judge, they were told about what happened and being smart fellows, they managed to figure out who the mysterious ‘holy assassin’ was. After all, if the church itself was paying a necromancer to raise undead for the sake of letting off steam of numerous generations of Sun Knights, it makes sense that the other holy knights would, at some point, find out about that. And if they knew that the Sun Knight had business deals with a necromancer, it wouldn’t be too hard to guess the identity of a lousy swordsman who knows both holy magic AND necromancy. I suppose though that Sun’s unique skills will remain a secret among the twelve holy knights. For the lower knights and the people, ‘the Sun Knight will always be perfect’.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      The third paragraph explains that Roland recognized Sun’s face. It’s been adjusted slightly now to make this more clear =]

  22. Xan

    Typo- “not even a candle were lit” should be “not even a candle was lit” (second paragraph, second sentence)

    Thanks for the chapter, btw :)

  23. Oishii

    Very hilarious. I love that you get a look at the story from the perspective of the other knights.
    I see some people calling Sun a Mary Sue but I think there is one flaw there. A Mary Sue always gets the boy/girl, but Sun can never get laid (unless this turns into a yaoi but it doesn’t look that way so far). Even if he has incredible magical abilities, he was still an idiot for becoming a Sun Knight in the first place.

    • saintvalentine

      everything can after he retire but the book have not get that far nor even the author will write it lol (highly doubt that but i still wish to see it lol) yaoi.. is a absolutely no for this novel (well i do feel some tiny little little bit vibe of it but it never develop (ah.. doujinshi writer might do it xD lol)

    • eilinel

      Doujinshi write do write/draw the yaoi part XD. There’s no yaoi in the doujin we are currently selling though.

    • d1r31

      But didn’t his teacher, the previous Sun Knight, have an affair with a princess in the castle? Isn’t that why he was able to teach Grisia all about the secret passages & rooms in the castle? I think Grisia just may not have figured out how to go about having a super-secret affair (w/ female or male)!

  24. Multipartite

    Extreme joy! (And extreme amusement!)

    I may question the verb ‘frame’ as compared to ‘blackmail’, unless I’ve misunderstood parts of the plot.

  25. Istvan

    “While we have always uphold the principle that Sun Knight is the personification of Light and Justice, he really went too far this time.”

    I think this should be “…we have always upheld the principle…”

    And thanks for such a wonderful chapter!

  26. NecroSun-dono

    “Sun might be good friend with a Death Lord” and “Resurrection spell”!?
    How the heck, did they found out that Roland is still alive? And since when is he capable to raise the dead? How many times has he done it and who has seen it, to confirm, that it’s really holy resurrection and not “evil necromancy”? Has he even the approval from the pope?
    I am missing a lot of explanation. :(

    • saintvalentine

      you are thinking too far somehow, take it easy, the chapter doesn’t say that all the knights know that Roland was still alive, they are just saying sun just happen to be “good” friend with a death lord. he is capable of raising the dead because the chapter said so(and because that is something happen in that continent, dont forget this is a fantasy story, yet he will ressurect people later, just wait ), raising death different from necromancy since nercromancer raising zombie(?), death lord while sun resurrection is to make that person “Alive” like a normal human again… hope that help.

    • chicaalterego

      im starting to see why he was known as the most pefect sun knight(bringing back the death, that sure is something)… i was re reading and readed the comments, and im confused with something, so, is roland alive now, or is he a death lord in disguise?

  27. Sono

    “Remember, child, no matter what is the circumstances, the Sun Knight is always perfect!”
    ‘What the circumstances are’ or ‘no matter what the circumstances,…’ would be better

  28. Lily

    Thank you for the chapter! Hahahaha, it made my day! Didn’t know what I was missing when I forgot to read it when I knew it was updated! xD

  29. Kittychan H

    Wow, just Wow….
    I think they may be seeing a ‘True’ Sun Knight, the original must have been a master of the highest order to spawn this legend (even tho later generations are stuck with a rigid stereotype). And Grisia now demonstrates that he’s the guy with the finger in all the pies… skillwise and politically. From this point I don’t think it matters that his swordsmanship is lousy… he can do so many buffs that his opponent is toast anyway.

  30. Aiko-chan

    Can it be that my second comment was deleted? If so why? :(?


  31. ePic CuddLes

    I’m officially in love with Sun xD
    Way to go Sun!!
    He can do anything he wants just because he’s awesome like that. >__<

  32. Desani

    Ok quick question now that my sides are not hurting from the laughing… when did Sun to the resurection spell or is that something that happened outside of the plot so far….

    Also thanks SOOO much for translating LSN! I just love this story and I think our lives would be less with out being able to read it!!

    • eilinel

      He has just learned it. Read on to see whether he cast it or not~

  33. Jen

    the title says that this is a ‘shared rule of the sun knights’ so does this mean that the twelve holy knights are all sun knights?

    • eilinel

      Thanks for picking that up! It should be Shared Rule of the Twelve Holy Knights ^^;

  34. Lunarheart

    Lol this makes me wonder if Sun eavesdrops on most of their secret meetings. XP

  35. Zephynel

    Just noticed a missing space here: “…the room returned to darkness once more.After a moment of silence in the dark…”.
    The sentence needs a space in between the period after “more” and before “After”.

    ~Chaos Z.

  36. J-Kitty

    Haha they all know he’s truly a scary person… what they’ve also realized is he is a scary and UNSTOPPABLE person… making him someone that shouldn’t be screwed with under any circumstance.

  37. Domene

    Sun knight should become extremely powerful in magic so that his threats can also be from himself instead of always asking for help.

  38. Nonii ♥

    Hihihi! Yup, being threatened by a bright smiling face sure is scary =P
    Only natural he’d be found out though. Considering Storm’s investigating skills and Judge’s deducting skills that is! xD
    Just hilarious I love it, thanks for translating~ ♥

    Nonii ♥

  39. Jennifer

    I’m re-reading this and I find EARTH’s choice of words when he asks is Sun is a demon king or not hilarious, since it turns out that he is a demon king candidate later on.

    • Garessta

      Yes, yes! Now i’m reread the book and this moment was so funny! As the saying goes, “If only i knew…”

  40. Spica

    Haha I thought no one noticed him being that whatever-dragon fiend.
    Being threatened by a smiling face is scary.

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