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Here we go!

With all the hype over ½ Prince, which fan could possibly resist the chance to create a page dedicated to the masochistic Gui, the devoted Wicked, the buxom Lolidragon, the bizarre Odd Squad, and (of course) our transvestite protagonist, Prince?

This site isn’t really a fanpage for the girls to go “squee” over the bishies, however. It’s actually a site meant for putting up free translations of the novel series for as long as there is no official, printed, bound and published English translation of the novels, as well as to provide spoilers for those of you people who are absolutely dying to find out what happens.

It’s all currently “under construction”, of course, so competent translators (Chinese to English) are always welcome. If you can’t understand a word of Chinese but is good at spotting grammatical errors (have you spotted it yet?) then you might just have a chance to be a proof-reader… More details will be put up on the recruitment page, anyway!

So let’s get this revolution started!

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  1. Webby

    Awesomeness! I … >.> Prefer Dragon Girl to be Lolidragon though… *is too used to the manga*

    • erialis

      Well, I am tempted to use Lolidragon, but it actually doesn’t completely suit her image in later chapters, so I’m leaving it as Dragon Girl for now… Just think “Lolidragon” when you see Dragon Girl for now? XD

  2. erialis

    I’d be happy if you’d help me with the proof-reading and with editing the tone (if need be). I haven’t written much fiction of late, so I’m afraid that my translation will have a very scholarly feel to it. I’ll be putting up a recruitment page later on (probably once Chapter 1 is done) in any case. (:

    • serao

      Ooh, you’ve posted more! Yes, I’ll get in touch with you later on, then. If you need to find me, I’m inkymorning on MF.

    • erialis

      I’m trying to make it obvious when I’ve added more, but I can’t really think of a way… in any case, when I finish the entire chapter, I’ll definitely tack on a “Completed” note on the title or at the top of the chapter.

  3. Draamakas

    Hey! I found your announcement on foxmanga! I’d be very ready and happy to be the proofreader,I added my email to this post too,so you can mail me if you agree to let me help! ^w^

  4. chebbi

    This is awesome this is possibly the best idea on earth! I love hoe different the format the novel is to the manhua. Two big differences that make it better to the latter are, you can see in depth the thought processes of the main character’s mind/see the story in depth(the full argument) and the leveling up and the sats of the main character.

  5. Jack

    If you guys are ever in need of proof readers, then let me know. I’ll be glad to help out. On another note I’d just like to point out that you spelled ‘Synopses’ wrong at the top of the page. It’s actually ‘Synopsis’.


    • erialis

      Synopses is the plural form of synopsis. :) There are several novels in the series, hence the plural form.

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