Stolen Kisses
by sinister banana

Chapter One

He wasn’t quite sure how it happened. One minute he was walking in the castle courtyard. There was no one else around. And the next second his armored body was pressed up against the cold stone walls and a sloppy kiss covered his mouth.

“Prince…” Gui’s breathy voice whispered against his throat as the bard began to trail kisses up and down his neck. “So beautiful…”

Prince’s heart leapt in his throat. What the hell did Gui think he was doing? “You bast-mph!”

Soft lips covered his again, muffling the sound of his struggling. One hand rested on the small of his back as the other caressed the fine features of his face. Lips parted and a tongue begged for entrance against his now swollen lips. The faint smell of alcohol cut through the haze as Prince was brought back to reality. Gui was drunk!

“Idiot!” Prince punched Gui in the face, sending him sprawling across the courtyard. He lay there motionless. Prince kicked him hard for good measure.


Gui opened his eyes in the infirmary. Ugly Wolf looked down at him in disapproval. “Wha…What just happened?” Gui asked, shaking his head and blinking bleary eyes. He could feel the splitting headache of a massive hangover starting to form.

Wolf-nii sighed. “Well, it appears you made his lordship angry and he beat you to oblivion in the courtyard.”

Gui groaned. Not again. “What the heck did I do this time?”

Wolf-nii raised an eyebrow. “You mean you don’t remember?”

Gui winced as he shook his head. “No…”

Ugly Wolf crossed his arms and sat back in his chair. “They are making this game too much like real life,” he sighed. “Well I suggest you find out and apologize soon. The last thing you said before leaving the bar was that you needed to go find Prince.”


Feng Lan woke up. How dare he? She grumbled as she took off her headset for Second Life. That stupid, perverted bard had the audacity to force himself on her…well…on Prince. If he ever tried such a thing again, she’d hit him so hard he’d wake up at the Rebirthing Point.

“What’s up, sis?” Feng Yang Ming greeted her cheerily at the breakfast table. He took one look at her disheveled appearance. “Something wrong?”

Feng Lan grumbled unhappily. “Idiot…I’ll kill him.”

“Alright then,” Feng Yang picked up his school bag as he tried to dodge conversation. He knew how upset his sister could get and he didn’t want to stick around for it. He rushed out the door. “See you are school, sis!”

Wait. School?

“Nooooo!” She’d have to see him at school in real life. This day was just getting better and better.


Professor Min Gui Wen walked into class looking completely downtrodden. Prince had logged off before he’d had the chance to apologize. The thought of Prince hating him was eating him up, but there was nothing he could do until logging into game later that evening. He sighed heavily. He looked up just as Feng Yang Ming walked into class. At one time, Professor Min had believed Feng Yang was Prince. Maybe if he apologized to Feng Yang?

“Feng Yang!” Professor Min called. Class was about to start. Feng Yang turned around looking confused.

“Yes, Professor?”

Min Gui took in Feng Yang’s expression. There was no way this guy could be Prince. Prince would be staring daggers at him right now.

“Um…” The professor looked around for a reason of calling Feng Yang out. “Where is your sister? Class is about to start.”

“Right here, Professor.” Feng Lan stormed into the classroom just as the bell rang. She threw her satchel onto her desk and sat down. She looked absolutely livid. Feng Yang looked extremely nervous as he took the seat in front of her.

Professor Min sighed. Sibling rivalry. He was so glad he was an only child.

“Alright, students. Now that Feng Lan has finally decided to grace us with her presence we’ll start class.”


Feng Lan seethed at the back of the classroom. How dare he scold her in class? That perverted creep didn’t deserve to be a teacher. If this was Second Life, she’d punch him into oblivion all over again. How dare he think he was going to get away kissing her with those incredibly soft and tantalizing lips?

Feng Lan gulped. No. She did not just think that. Gui was not attractive in any way possible. He was an idiot. A completely dumb and unfathomable idiot. She looked up at Professor Min as he spoke eloquently on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. How was this man Gui? It didn’t make sense. He was so young. So smart. So…handsome.

If Professor Min had latched onto her in a drunken haze, would she have pushed him off? If he had sent the same tingles down her neck that Gui did, would she have had the strength to deck him in the face? Professor Min caught her gaze as she blushed. He raised an eyebrow. It was then Feng Lan remembered that Professor Min was indeed Gui who was a flaming homosexual that only wanted Prince. Her blush turned into a deep scowl.


Feng Lan did not want to log into Second Life. But the idea of punching Gui again was enough motivation to put on her gaming helmet as she lay down to sleep.


Oh Lord. Did she really have to deal with this already?


“GO AWAY!” Prince turned around and yelled into Gui’s crying face.

Gui’s face looked torn as more tears began to stream down his face. “But…But…”

“Didn’t you already do enough yesterday?” Prince hissed under his breath, realizing suddenly that he had appeared in the bustling marketplace of the Infinite City. Market vendors and shoppers looked on curiously at the spectacle of the handsome bard laying prostrate at the Blood Elf’s feet.

“That’s just it, Prince,” Gui continued to sob. “I don’t remember anything that happened.”

Prince was ready to throw a fit. But he was trying to gain more reputation right now. As much as he wanted to deck Gui in the face again, he couldn’t do it in the crowded streets of his city with hundreds of curious onlookers. His reputation as a respectable lord would drop.

“You drunken idiot,” Prince hissed and began to stalk towards the castle’s interior. “I’m not telling you here.”

Gui followed closely on his heels wailing. “Whatever I did, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to. I was drunk! I’m sorry!”

“Gui, shut up,” Wicked walked towards them once they had entered the castle’s interiors. He eyed the teary-eyed bard and the seething elf. “What did you do to annoy Prince this time?”


A soft, feminine laugh sounded around the corner. A few seconds later, Lolidragon appeared smirking. “Lolidragon knows. She saw everything.”

Prince stopped dead in his tracks. He whipped around, pointing wildly in Lolidragon’s direction. “You saw what?”

“What did you see, Lolidragon?” Ugly Wolf made his entrance. No, no, no, no, no! Prince did not want anyone to know about how he had been overtaken by the drunken bard. He was the famous and invincible Blood Elf for heaven’s sake. And he was very straight, thank you very much.

“Prince was in the courtyard and Gui-”

“NO!” Prince clasped his hand over Lolidragon’s mouth. “No! You won’t speak a word of it.”

Lolidragon struggled. “But if Gui did it, then why can’t I?”

“Gui, what did you do?” Wicked pointed his finger in Gui’s face.

“I don’t know!” Gui began wailing again.

“Gui stole something from Prince and I just want what Gui had,” Lolidragon continued struggling to get out of Prince’s hold. “And if Prince gives it to me then I won’t ever speak a word of this again.”

Prince’s mouth dropped. “You’re trying to blackmail me?”

In the meantime, Ugly Wolf had turned around to Gui’s startled face. “You stole something from Prince?”

“No wonder he decked you,” Wicked snickered.

Prince mulled over his options. He didn’t want anyone to know Gui kissed him. But he had to kiss Lolidragon in exchange. On top of that, it was Lolidragon. That voluptuous women knew about his true identity.

“Argh, this is so stupid!” Prince turned on Lolidragon. “If you saw then why didn’t you help me yesterday?”

Lolidragon’s eyes turned wide and her eyes glistened at the memory. “Because, Prince,” she smiled. “It’s every fan girl’s dream to see-”

“Ok, shut up!” Prince cut her off. He could see the others slowly starting to put the pieces of Lolidragon’s statement together. He had to stop this before that blasted woman let anything more slip.

“Fine!” Prince declared. “I’ll give it to you. No one else is to follow.” Prince glared at his companions as he grabbed Lolidragon’s hand and stalked off. Lolidragon squealed in delight.

Ugly Wolf turned to Wicked. “You don’t think…?”

“No…” Wicked looked thoughtful. “Maybe?” The full thought of it hit him. “That stupid Gui!” He turned around to punch him. But Gui was no where to be found.


Prince and Lolidragon were headed for the courtyard. It was usually empty. Gui followed at a safe distance. He had to know what he did to make Prince so angry. He couldn’t believe he had stolen something from his beloved Blood Elf.

Prince scanned the area to make sure they were alone. He realized they were in the same courtyard as yesterday.

“So?” Lolidragon looked at him eagerly.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this!” Prince whined.

“But if you don’t want anyone to know about you and Gui…”

“I know,” Prince sighed. He was getting a headache. “But just a little one, ok?”

“Aw, Prince…”

“Just one or you’re getting nothing!” Prince shouted.

“Ok,” Lolidragon’s shoulders fell slightly.

Gui leaned in closer to see what Prince would give Lolidragon. He was very surprised when Lolidragon suddenly leaned in and grabbed the front of Prince’s collar to kiss him fully on the lips.

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  1. Demoninmysoul

    Okay, I read the whole 6 chappies, and loved it!!!! It’s a great story, and I wish you complete your finals soon, and upload the next chapter not too long after.:) Anyway, thanks for the great story!!!

  2. SnowStorm

    Really Interesting.
    Good plot and idea. (I know I sound like a teacher)
    Loved it, even though I’m in the Wicked fanclub.

  3. nike2822

    WOOOOOW!!!! its’s AMAZING! you’re amazing!!!!!! I Love You very very very much and thanks to share it with us! it’s the best and most beautiful 1/2 Prince fanfic I ever read! i just really can’t write anything else. Please, write more awesome and wonderful stories and let us read them!
    I really, really love you very much! Thank You!! <3

  4. anon girl

    Not bad,but there is a little smt bugging me. You arent supposed to call Feng Yang Ming “Feng Yang”, because Feng is his family name. Yang Ming is his given name. It is Chinese culture to put the family name first. I would know; Im Chinese. So do you mind editing that? It gets on my nerves… but good story telling and plot!

    • [PR]azakura

      the fanfiction is not written by us so we are not in the position to change what is in it.

    • sinister banana

      Hi anon girl, apologies for a severely late reply. I haven’t been able to be on many “fun” websites for a while. Someone also pointed that out to me on and the names have been edited on that website. I hope you have seen that by now. Thank you for the correction!

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