Update: June 2013

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June 2013 Chapters
  1. ½ Prince V9C6: Wicked, Part Two
  2. Female Warrior Prologue V1C4: Light and Shadow Part 4
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 14: “When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher Part Three”
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C8: “Adding Another Serious Injury to Crimes”

Hey everyone! Here’s our tentative list for June. We’ll try our hardest to get two chapters of LSK out! But if it doesn’t happen for some reason, it just means you’ll get more chapters for July. ;) We’ll keep you updated! Feel free to follow our twitter for updates about when our chapters will be published.

First up is 1/2 Prince v9c6, followed by Female Warrior! LSK will come later in the month. 1/2 Prince v9c6 is the second half of Wicked’s POV. How will he fare? Read to find out! We’re now in the halfway point of the first volume of Female Warrior, and we’re getting close to the climax of LSK v5! Lots of exciting things to come.

On the Android App front, we have not heard back from the original app writer. This means we will need to have the app rewritten. We are trying to look into ways to have this done. If you are able to help in any way, we would love to hear from you!

We have updated our LSK PDF page with a simple PDF for volume 2. PDF for volume 3 is soon to come! Keep your eyes on this space.

ETA: We’re still working on our LSK chapters. It looks like we might not be able to make it in time before the end of June for LSKV5C9. We did finish LSKSS14 in the meantime, the last part of When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher, so we’ll be posting that up!

ETA2: Volume 3 PDF for LSK is now available!

Update: May 2013

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May 2013 Chapters
  1. Female Warrior Prologue V1C3: Light and Shadow Part 3
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 13: “When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher Part Two”
  3. ½ Prince V9C5: Wicked, Part One
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C7: “Dragging Others Down”

Here’s our chapter list for May! One chapter from each of our series, plus Part 2 of When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher. LSK v5c7 is a long one. We are also finally getting Wicked’s side of the story in Half Prince! Female Warrior will be the first of our releases this month (we have also updated the Female Warrior Character Page with new info about what we’ve learned so far about each character. This will be updated as more is revealed).

Yu Wo has recently finished writing When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part 3 (the last part of the side story) and posted it on her birthday. You will be seeing the translation from us sometime in the future~.

We would like to remind everyone that our sister site, PR! International Translations, is still busy at work translating LSK and Half Prince into other languages! Comments, which let us know we have readers and that our work is appreciated, feed our motivation, so do comment when you can. :) The same holds true for our International Translations! If you’ve ever been curious about LSK and Half Prince in other languages, why not give our sister site a look? If you know anyone who might like to read our series in other languages, do direct them to our sister site.

Two helpful readers have recently made some ebooks of LSK v1-4. You can grab them over here! Currently, only epub format is available for all 4 volumes. Remember, however, that our online version will always be more up-to-date than our ebooks in the case that we catch any errors later on, or if we make any changes in terminology.

Update: April 2013

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April 2013 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C5: “Stirring up all Sorts of Trouble and Keeping Everyone’s Hands Full with Trying to Fix it”
  2. ½ Prince V9C4: Xiao Xiao Lan, Part Two
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 12: “When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher Part One”
  4. Female Warrior Prologue V1C2: Light and Shadow Part 2
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C6: “Slaughtering the Innocent”

Here’s the real April update, and you’re in for a treat this month. We’ll be seeing Part 1 of “When Teacher Wasn’t Teacher,” the New Years story that Yu Wo promised her readers. She has yet to finish writing this story though, so we will only be able to release what she’s written so far! Hopefully she will one day finish writing the story!

If you had been tenacious enough to decode PR’s April Fools code when it went up (check out this post for the details), you would have gotten a sneak peak at the next LSK chapter as a prize. ;) Since no one managed to decode the message, we will all be waiting together for the new chapter. It won’t be long now! Brace yourselves, for these upcoming LSK chapters are intense.

We inch ever close to the final ending of HP, this month bringing us the second half of Xiao Xiao Lan’s POV. As for Female Warrior, everything is still shrouded in mystery! How exciting~!

Fake Update: April 2013

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(an update regarding what happened has been posted on the staff blog: here)

April Fools 2013 Chapters
  1. The Lovers’ Sabers: Chapter 1
  2. The Lovers’ Sabers: Chapter 2
  3. The Lovers’ Sabers: Chapter 3
  4. ½ Prince V9C4: Xiao Xiao Lan, Part Two
  5. Female Warrior Prologue V1C2: Light and Shadow Part 2

After some internal discussions, we have decided to place The Legend of Sun Knight on temporary hold so that our team can kickstart a new project that we are very, very excited for.

Without further ado, we proudly unveil our new project: The Lovers’ Sabers (鸳鸯刀) by Louis Cha!

Some quick background: Louis Cha is a famous Chinese wuxia (martial arts) novelist who has written 15 novels and novellas, including works like The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, which have been made into movies and TV shows, inspiring writers everywhere. In fact, Lolidragon from the 1/2 Prince series had borrowed her handle from a character of the same name in The Return of the Condor Heroes. Most of his works already have official and unofficial translations, so we are glad to be able to claim one of his few remaining works for ourselves.

The Lovers’ Sabers is a story of a pair of precious blades which through various circumstances, end up in the hands of two couples. Because of this, they are hunted down by government officials who want the treasures for their own regime. It’s a deep and touching tale filled with conflict, romance, deceit, and comedy. Our staff have all enjoyed previewing the translation drafts we have so far, and we are thrilled to be able to bring this work to our readers.

We are scheduled to release the first three chapters in April, with the first one coming sometime next week. Stay tuned!

Update: March 2013

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March 2013 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C4: “Creating Various Mysteries”
  2. ½ Prince V9C3: Xiao Xiao Lan, Part One
  3. Female Warrior Prologue V1C1: Light and Shadow Part 1

Since we’ve added Female Warrior to our projects, and we’ll definitely be adding more projects in the future, we have decided to move all of our series under a “series” tab. Much easier to manage this way! However, in order for the series tab to work with multiple levels, we had to update our WordPress theme, which has caused the site to act up. If the site is still not displaying correctly for you, please let us know how the site is not working. Specifics, such as what browser you’re using and what you’re seeing (screenshots) when you visit PR! would be very helpful!

Currently, the PrinceReader app is not working. We are trying to contact the app developer to see if this can be fixed. In the meantime, Zind has graciously made ebooks for v8 of 1/2 Prince, which you can grab over here. Thanks Zind! :D We also have a mobile version of the site that you can use on your phone or tablets.

Last month, we opened up our proofreader position and managed to recruit several awesome new proofreaders. This means we should be able to release Female Warrior monthly from here on out, and even though our chapter list for the month is not any longer than usual, we have just had a load of pressure taken off of us behind the scenes. Phew. Only three chapters are listed at the moment for March, but we’ll try to see if we can release more. As usual, no promises except what we’ve listed so far.

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