April Fools 2013 (blog update)

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Hello world!

If you were frequenting the site during the first of April, you might have noticed some alarming news, or a takeover by a person out of the blue. This was all an elaborate prank meant in good jest, and much time, effort, love and affection for our readers had been put into it.

Well, we were genuinely so very, very excited when scheming planning the prank, ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

but… we ended up fooling some of our readers who left tearful comments ⊙﹏⊙ and some of our own members as well ( ;´Д`)

We warn our viewers time and again (if this is not already known) to please not take any site on the internet seriously around April 1st. Of course, the only page that was actually down was “princerevolution.org”. Every other link to the site worked, such as the chapter pages and staff blog.

。:゚*+;(●´・д・`●);+*゚:。 Do have a sense of humor when reading the rest of the post. cheers~ *offers plate of freshly baked blueberry cookies*

Webpage preview

The prank site is still up here, have a look!



The solving process

You may have seen the encrypted code message on the tumblr. Here is a small snippet of it.

“uWoYuYuWoYuYuWoYuYuWoYuYuYuYuYuY … uWoWoYuYuWoYuYuYuWoWoYuWoYuYuWoY ”

Notice how the very first part is missing a Y. Add a Y there, and delete the Y at the very end of the code.

Next use notepad or microsoft word to replace all the Yu with 0 and Wo with 1. There’s also a space in between some Yus like this, “Y u” so replace that with 0 too.

You’ll eventually get a few pages of binary that you should put into a binary to text converter like this one,


and voilà…! You’re good to go!

Decoded message

A google translate version of the upcoming chapter of LSK (V5C5)

“I did not account reasons of Xiadiao eyes before Ai Drizzt refuses to say, I had to start from scratch to tell a story, When it comes, I pray that the light of God, as long as the green leaves can be completely resurrection, I am willing to pay any price to dowhen, Ai Drizzt suddenly shouted: "You matter sorted out how God do this kind of commitment? may die! who do not know what God will go!"

He paused, to say: “You see, we all nodded his head!”

See what see? I can not see ah!

“You should not do that.” Ai Drizzt scolded.

“But I must not do that!” I yelled, “the only thing, even if the time is again a hundred times, and I will not change!”

Happy April Fools from all of us at Prince Revolution! Be the first to decode this note and email us at [email protected] for a prize!”

⊂((・▽・))⊃ We had thought that at least one lucky and dedicated reader would have decoded the message…

but no one did. (;° ロ°)

Some readers came very close though. They get notable mentions~

  • snuffie almost had it all figured out… but he said Yu was 1 and Wo was 0 when it was the other way around..
  • Bruno (it was AC’s idea though), who is the leader of the PR! Portugese team, realized that it was in binary, but couldn’t finish decoding it either. (He knew nothing about the actual plan)
  • he4 (otherwise known as 黑) thought that it was ascii art when it was just ascii (binary).

It may have been a little too difficult ヽ(@[email protected];)ノ Our deepest and most heartfelt apologies to our dear readers-sama. Remember, it was all in good jest. We wish you a good rest of the week~

Lastly, some random tips on how to survive April Fools!

DragonsSing: “Cows are the real killers? Carry a colt in your shoe incase of a zombie apocalypse? Don’t trust chocolate given on april fools, even if they said it was a belated gift. In fact, don’t trust any food.”

Azakura: “Stay away from oreos during April Fools. They’re always filled with toothpaste instead.”

dahlys: “Be a cynical bastard.”

Nagihiko: “Avoid sponge cakes ’cause they might be just filled with sponges~ And look out for scary cardboard cutouts before entering bathrooms u.u~”

AC: “If you’re clicking icons on your desktop and nothing happens, stay calm and press ctrl+alt+del. Someone probably just screenshot-ed your desktop and deleted all of your icons.”

28 Responses

  1. Little Writer

    You mean my guess about that blog was correct? Yay~
    Geez, I never even thought it was code. And now I shall anxiously wait and wait and wait until this month’s LSK is released.
    By the way, to the owner of the blog: Yes, Grisia Sun is adorable, but he’s also a calculating bastard, miserly money grubber, and that’s why we love him XD
    My own tip for April 1st? Wake up, check the clock, and go back to sleep for another 24 hours. Nothing is worth going through an entire day of pranks. AC: Now that I’ve heard that, I’m totally going to use that on my brother’s computer…and his iPod…and anything else I can get my hands on ⊂((・▽・))⊃ (thanks for the new emoticon)

    • blubb

      @Little Writer
      Just remember: To avoid real damage to the user, you have to do the following (adjusted to M$WinXP): Make a screenshot of the desktop, set it as background, press Crtl+Alt+Del, kill the process “explorer.exe” and close the task manager.
      To undo you simply have to open the task manager again and start the process/program “explorer.exe” again.
      At least this is what has to be done on XP, not sure about newer versions but shouldn’t be so much different (and I am using the german version, so no detailed “click on ‘foo'”…)

    • AC

      Actually, when Azakura asked me for a random piece of April Fool’s wisdom, I said that part about the explorer.exe. But if she was to explain the prank, it would be too long, and if she posted only the actuall advice I gave (which was “Keep Calm & Press Ctrl+Alt+Del”) it would be too vague…

  2. ~RenTheWitch~

    U got me good guys!!! wuahahahahahahahaha best joke ever]!

  3. snuffie

    so that code was actually in binary?? for real?? freakin’s heaven sake– I mean, heaven’s freakin’ sake, not that I care what happen to heaven… that’s why my comment never appear ??? O.o and I even got a bit down because of that! (about that, can you put my comment up now, I kind of forgot what I’ve written already…)
    I didn’t take any word in that blog and the update as even a tiny weeny bweeny bit serious at all, so I never tried to decode it. *suckerpunched*
    And I couldn’t even laugh now, since I’m at school and a teacher is sitting beside me….

    • [PR]azakura

      it’s already up, we put it up after we put “princerevolution.org” back up. we just didn’t want anyone to see it and get the hint ahahaha :p sorry to have got you down… >_<~

  4. snuffie

    oops, sorry, it has appeared now, I’ve just seen it cramped between other comments

  5. @AC: I totally did that to a friend several years ago for April Fools! I was literally rofl and she was still about to go take it in to get repaired. But I didn’t delete all the icons, just hid them. Much less after-trauma that way. ;)

    Great job with the joke, guys! I might’ve caught on sooner if you hadn’t posted it on the 31st, so nice touch. Nice job with the binary too! I was too busy trying to see pictures in the text. (-_-‘ )

    ps: 黒 -> 黑 -> hè -> he4


    • [PR]azakura

      oo okay I updated the post ^^
      on another note… 黒 and 黑 are both pronounced Hēi >__<~~ just wondering

  6. Puja Chan

    Damn!! it was joke, That’s All?!! huffff…… u got me guys~!! hahahahaha

  7. AC

    Hey, it was me who suggested to Bruno that it might have been binary!
    I demand a cookie as compensation!

    • [PR]azakura

      eh…? oops @[email protected]~~ *offers cookie* well… my profile picture on the forums is a cookie so it shall be an empty plate from now on ;__;~~

    • AC

      Wow! You gave me The Cookie. *-*
      Not any cookie, but The Cookie. *-*
      I shall feel compensated forever!

  8. AnnieTi

    Wow! I did it. I decoded the message. It’s late of course, but it’s still cool! Can you, please, give some more puzzles of the same kind?! There’s so much fun in solving them!))))

  9. 15B

    o.o Where is the picture of Grisia standing on a hand from? IT’S SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!~

  10. KuwaNeko

    the moment I saw the blog-y thingy I knew it was the April’s fools thing
    (it helped that I had actually looked at the date earlier that day – so I had actually entered to check what was going on);
    I made a very, very fast look through of the page and then left;
    should have put more attention…

  11. The Book Girl

    The thing that gave it away was, for one, the little blog thing, and second, you never make surprise announcements on a whim. You always give at least a month’s notice on the new projects. If I found out that was in code soon enough, I would’ve given it a shot. Unfortunately, I’ve had quite a bit going on. Ah, well. I never pay any mind to April fool’s jokes. They’re a bit fun to play along with, no? It’s fun to see how far some people take jokes.

  12. Jasae Bushae

    Yay~ so when the actual update comes up we will find out that instead of three lover sabers we will be getting three chapters of sun knight (along with some 1/2 prince and female warrior) thisll be fun ^^

  13. Amaybee

    Dear PR staff,
    Since I knew you we’re joking (you’ve done this to us before) I thought I’d be dramatic.
    Thank you for always trying to give us sneak previews, even if we do not figure them out. Also thank you for all your hard work! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
    But seriously. PLEASE don’t ever take Grisa away!!! Or I really will cry. ( T_T)\(^-^ )

  14. [PR]azakura

    [[This is an off topic conversation that I’ve shifted here from the Recruitment page]]

    The Book Girl:
    Blegh. I’m still trying to learn Japanese. Latin in school, Japanese out of school… What’s next? Oh, yeah. Chinese is supposed to be the hardest language to learn. So… Should I continue Japanese, or would it be easier to learn Chinese first? I’m confused. I am determined, though. Strangely enough, I don’t find myself confusing Japanese and Latin at all. It’s probably because they are completely unrelated. Unfortunately, all I have to help me are library materials, although I got a relatively good idea of how to get Kana down offline, at least.
    This is giving me a headache. Are the Kanji the same? I know that most kanji have multiple meanings. I know how to use a kanji dictionary, but every time I see the one my library has, I start to feel overwhelmed. Really, though, I’m just confused. What are the differences? I’m genuinely trying, but I want to know what to try first. What to do. So… What should I do? Whenever I hit the books I feel intimidated. I still have just as much determination, it’s just… about as hard as I anticipated.

    lol, I recommend sticking to one language at a time XD The kanji are almost the same compared to traditional chinese characters. However, they are pronounced entirely differently. I’m struggling with Kanji though my Japanese is pretty good if you speak to me XD (‘coz I can’t relate kanji to the japanese sounds). Most kanji have the same meaning as the Chinese ones though. I think learning more conversational stuff from Animes should be done before getting overwhelmed by the textbooks (try watching it without English subs some time) :p Digital kanji textbooks are my favourite; I recommend 2001 Kanji Odyssey Essentials Japanese Kanji :)

    The Book Girl:
    I just don’t want to end up learning a bunch of kanji just to find out that they have more possible meanings. It really does seem like the kind of thing where context is most important. Yeah, about a half an hour after I typed that, I looked at the on book I didn’t have to return to the library yet on kanji that Chinese and Japanese kanji are usually of similar meanings (in phrases), but are different. Once both are identified, though, you can see the resemblance. The examples given were quite humorous, too. :D
    Actually, if not for those examples, I might not’ve remembered it. Remind me to never get a kanji tattoo unless I know all possible meanings of it. XP

    Typically, if it’s a good textbook, all the meanings of the Kanji should be listed. :) just avoid the pocket editions if the double meanings are what you’re afraid of. And there is always the dictionary/internet if you’re ever unsure. Other than examples, I remember some meanings from the etymology of the kanji/chinese character since many of them originated from pictograms.
    On another note, at least the Japanese don’t invent new urban words like the Chinese do with their kanji.(think caonima and laoer) If the Japs come up with new words they’re always in hiragana or katakana. :p

    The Book Girl:
    I never get the pocket editions. They’re so small. Whenever I see them, my first thought is: How much information can this really hold…? I wouldn’t trust them to say all that I want to learn. If it actually does have all I want to learn, it’s in really small fonts. It doesn’t help to have the kanji if I can’t tell which is which because the book is determined to be microscopic.
    According to the book that I still have, only about 10% of Japanese kanji actually bear resemblance to their actual meaning, although the radicals may. I need to go to the library, but I don’t know when I next will be able to. There’s two libraries I have access to. One of which has more materials and more updated versions of materials and stuff, (Newer volumes of a series, books by the same author, etc.) however, I can’t check out audio/video, and the other is less updated, but I can check out anything. I really wish it was the other way around… No, I get the old materials to study, and I have no way to guarantee reliability, so I get multiple books and make sure to only trust what multiple say.

    • The Book Girl

      I see it. I didn’t expect it to bee long, either. I was just asking a question. Now, to ask another: I had to return the one japanese lingual book I had. Do you know of any titles of stuff I can look for that you know are reliable? Besides the Kanji Odyssey Essentials, maybe a book or something? I really don’t want a class textbook (I can’t fill in the blanks with information I haven’t been given) or an ‘idiot’s guide.’ I keep looking through stuff, and so far I’ve only found one real reader-friendly japanese book. To be honest, I would even settle for a chinese guide, I just want to get somewhere. I feel like the books I find are all telling me, and expecting me to remember. I hate that. The one that I had (that I had to return today) did help with how to set up memory guides and self-reminders on meanings. But I had to return it.

    • [PR]azakura

      @The Book Girl
      Okay~ just to make sure, you should proceed in roughly this order

      conversational japanese>hiragana+katakana>basic kanji>reading passages/manga/anime subtitles in jap>more kanji ((and grammar somewhere along the way if you want to construct sentences))

      ‘Remembering the Kanji’ has always been the favourite paperback book around my area. you can try a more fun way like this site readthekanji.com which let’s you level up like an MMORPG :p ah I loved that site. If you want a good introduction to what you should do to learn japanese, there’s TextFugu (it’s not free though but the intro is)

      But most importantly, there is no way to skip the initial memory work, because you have to memorize the basics before others start making sense. But don’t worry, you’re not going to be memorizing 2,000 different kanji characters. Characters are usually composed of two parts, the side part: such as 言 which indicates speech and 辶 which indicates movement, and then combined with the main part which is reused in many characters such as 誰 and 進 (I must not make sense eep XD)

    • The Book Girl

      Alright. I’ve already chosen books based on that little list. If I have any more questions, I’ll ask. Until then, I’m going to try to study and keep that in mind as I do. Thanks XD

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