½ Prince Valentine’s Day Fanfic Contest Winners

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Congratulations to twilightheroine and and starwarrior1234 for winning the 1/2 Prince Valentine’s Day Fanfic Contest! Their stories will be featured in the Volume 2 PDF. In the meantime, if you haven’t already you can read their stories here. And for those of you who are interested, the forum also holds monthly fanart and fanfiction contests.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and voted!

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  1. Jon

    Hi PR staff!

    First I’d like to say that I really enjoy your site. I looked it up after I started reading Half Prince from onemanga, and now I’m slowly reaching the last chapters out yet.

    Thereafter I found out through your site that the author is also making The legend of the sun knight which seems really amazing though I’ve only been through the character description page (so far!).

    So thank for very much for doing this, ALL of you, and you have me as an absolute supporter! Great work ^^

  2. Li

    I can’t wait for new updates, as usual. If the chaps are going to be uploaded today, THAT would make my birthday good. But this week should also be fine.
    Since today I have now ofically become one year older, I deceided to work harder and hopefully I’ll be able to join the team of translaters, proofreaders, etc one day. Guess I have to speed up my Japanese so I can start with Chinese already. (If you guys ever deceide to start working on a Japanese novel, give me a call)
    Have a nice day, and good luck all of you.

    • erialis

      Happy birthday, Li! Sorry, but the update won’t be out quite so soon. It’s mostly my fault, since I’ve had RL stuff raining down on me. Chapters should be out on the weekend.

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