Resigned and Despairing Life Mottos by Yu Wo

Yu Wo has started a series of plurks called “Each Characters’ Resigned and Despairing Life Motto”, in which characters come up with despairing words about life. It’s quite a fun series~.

Motto 1
Zhao Suo (No Hero): Life is about endlessly overcooking things.

Motto 2
Grisia (Legend of Sun Knight): Life is about taking the wrong fork in the road once and forever being in debt afterward without a retirement fund, shit!

Motto 3
Carol (Female Warrior): Life is having my old lady retire and not having my own child yet still having to take care of scum left behind by my comrade and then having to deal with scum brought in by scum and then more scum brought in by other scum and then scum again brought in by scum!

Motto 4

A Ye (Eclipse Hunter, more known as Daren to people who follow Odd Squad’s translations): Life is about endlessly becoming stronger! ~~~Zhao Suo: Young master, please speak the resigned and despairing version.

A Ye: Huh? T-Then life is, is, um, is about never knowing what to say OTZ…

(I have also translated Motto 5 & 6, but they have fairly large spoilers for Kill No More, so I have left them out.)

Motto 7
Judgment: Life is about saying the words ‘don’t fool around’ over and over yet still having to allow the other person to fool around.

*Zhao Suo has been translated as Charles Endless by a translator
*A Ye is translated as Daren by Odd Squad Scanlations
*neither are direct translations but rather more liberal ones, so names may vary from translator to translator

If Yu Wo comes up with any more after 7 (and they aren’t too spoilerish), I’ll add them here~.

Can you think of any despairing words from 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight characters? Share them here in a comment!

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  1. Gohankuten:

    Storm-Life is about doing endless tasks for little appreciation.

  2. lucathia:


    Poor Storm!

    I’ll add on to yours about Storm.

    Storm: Life is about endlessly doing paperwork until you overwork yourself to death.

    (And then he’ll rise and become a death knight to continue doing paperwork, so even death is no release, haha)

  3. Gohankuten:

    No Grisa will revive storm to have storm continue doing his paperwork so storm wouldn’t even have the option of becoming a death knight.

  4. WhistleLeaf:

    Can anyone provide a link to the original page? Thank you :D

  5. lucathia:

    They’re all separate plurks. (with quite a lot of responses to each!)

    Yu Wo also collected the first five here in her blog:

  6. RurouniAlchemist25:

    Prince – Life is about always attracting the attention of the weirdest people….and being nearly trampled to death by fangirls.

  7. MiyakeMasumi:

    Very well spoken! I couldn’t agree more! Ha ha ha ho ho ho!

  8. MiyakeMasumi:

    Gui – Life is about endlessly praising Prince and happily accepting his loving punches in response.

  9. MiyakeMasumi:

    Wicked – Life is about keeping Gui off of Prince and glaring daggers after him every time he does.

  10. YukiSnow:

    Leaf – Life is about being nice to people even if they are annoying.

  11. Gohankuten:

    Prince: Life is about going out and slicing up random people for the fun of it.
    Feng Lan: Life is about eating food and not noticing the 2 bishies that like me.

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