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17 comments on this post.
  1. Bluefeather:

    Wow…all the art is so GOOD!!!

  2. nobodycrys:

    Im amazed at every single one of these pictures! you can see the hard work put into it XD

  3. E:

    Woah… So pretty.
    The picture drawn by Sparky suddenly reminded me of FF. O_O”

  4. Anon:

    Horray for fanart! Yay ^_^

  5. starwarrior1234:

    One word for all of the artwork, EPIC! >w<

  6. kittikiti:

    AWESOME!! <3333333 Sun pictures look so much like the original, Leaf looks so cute, and Judgement looks… AWESOME!

  7. Purianee:

    OH. YES.

  8. MPToki:

    What was the “When the Knights Meet” about?
    The art is very good!!! =D

  9. Alyss:

    How come Sun makese no metion of Leaf’s hair being GREEEEEENNN (THAT HAS 2 B DYED)
    I have never thought of Sun as girly until i saw these pic 0_o

  10. CocoFlower:

    Or Ice’s hair being blue and Moon’s hair being purple…maybe this is deliberate irony from Yu Wo? (that, or they just got lazy :P)

  11. immasweetlovinggirl:

    i find the legend of the sun knight art strangley funny and cute…I also feel that if i submit anything i might as well give up as being an artist

  12. Mouse:

    Aww, why so little fan art for Legend of Sun Knight? Though, I love all the drawings anyways :3

  13. SnowStorm:

    Is all this art done on computers, or some of it drawn on paper too? O.o

  14. .......... What?:

    Wahhhh, there all so good but it’s only Judge and Sun!

  15. Iris:

    the one with Kenshin and Arctic Fox made me turn red ‘////’ ah, well. i dont really get the one where sun is leaving the plaze and a black haired kid with a lollipop stares after him

  16. Papillion:

    look like my submission is have not been uploaded ;w;

  17. MoonElla:

    Isn’t that Charlotte…?
    Or maybe I’m wrong…

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