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Dominion’s End V2C8: The Many Tales of the Town

Dominion’s End Volume 2: Aberrant City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: The Many Tales of the Town—translated by Elkin (proofread by Arcedemius & EvlNabiki; C/E edited by lucathia)

As I drove, I kept turning to look at the passenger seat. A three year-old kid was wearing a seat belt, head slumped to one side in slumber and lips in a slight pout. He was super adorable. It was hard to believe that this was Dàgē, the Dàgē who had become the Ice Emperor!

Enough! Even though on the inside, I was a thirty five year-old woman who had never had kids before, it was no excuse to gawk at the child all the time. I needed to find a map, not play around with children!

Jin Feng had given me a map of Zhongguan City and the surrounding suburbs, but what I needed was a map of a wider region. Otherwise, if I could drive to Luo’an City just by knowing that it was in the east, I’d start suspecting whether I was actually a GPS instead.

Originally, Dàgē had probably left some maps behind. The basement hadn’t been completely empty. There had been a few boxes left there, with supplies probably meant for me. Unfortunately, the ice tornado had been brutal and had wiped the whole house off the map, to say nothing of what it could do to a few boxes. There wasn’t even a speck of dust left of them.

So my current mission is to locate a map and food. I glanced again at Xiaotian. And hunt for crystals to feed the child, too.

I’d already reached the edge of the map, so I didn’t know which road to take anymore. My only option was to continue heading east. However, this was risky, not to mention the skies were darkening. We were better off looking for somewhere to stay the night.

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Dominion’s End V2C7: Dàgē, Dàgē

Dominion’s End Volume 2: Aberrant City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: Dàgē, Dàgē—translated by Elkin (proofread by Arcedemius & EvlNabiki; C/E edited by lucathia)

Traveling at night really was much more taxing than during the day. Along the way, I once again started accumulating a ton of evolution crystals, to the point where I had almost made up for the crystals that had been spent on that group.

I rushed onwards the entire night, and en route, I kept having to pause to fight or zig-zag quickly through streets in order to throw off large groups of aberrants who were on my tail. It really was dead tiring, but at least I made good progress. I’d originally estimated that I’d arrive home in the evening, but it wasn’t even ten in the morning when I caught sight of the district where our home was located.

The exhaustion, however, was nothing in comparison to my longing for my family. If anything, my pace picked up when I saw our district. Starving as I was, not having had breakfast, I still didn’t bother to stop for a bite. The faster I reached home, the sooner Shujun could prepare breakfast for me. No one likes rations! Even if those rations were prepared by Jin Feng, they can’t compete with Shujun’s home cooked meals!

I passed through a few more streets, so excited that I was practically skipping every step of the way. Then, finally, I spotted some familiar road signs. I just had to go two more steps, look left, and I’d be home sweet home!

One step, two steps, look left!

A cluster of huge ice crystals stood not far away, right where the house had once stood.

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Dominion’s End V2C6: City of Aberrants

Dominion’s End Volume 2: Aberrant City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: City of Aberrants—translated by Elkin (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

I leaned against the utility pole, tipping the bloodstained evolution crystal in my hand into the hip flask. The palm-sized hip flask looked like it was made of silver, a beautifully wrought piece of art, and there was even the name “Feng” engraved on the bottom in ancient Chinese. I had no idea what possessed Jin Feng to put a small hip flask in my backpack. Did she want to give me some liquid courage?

Anyway, once I drained the alcohol inside in one gulp, the hip flask became the perfect container for holding evolution crystals. By now, the only use I had for these tierless crystals was for healing, so after popping back a few crystals to heal up, I saved up the rest to give the others when I returned.

But I really wasn’t planning on accumulating so many. I just wanted to get home ASAP!

Technically, if I could directly run home, I’d probably reach home after running non-stop for a day and a night. But I couldn’t travel in a straight line, and there were so many aberrants in the city that my skin crawled. Although I hadn’t yet run into more tier one aberrants, a bunch of tierless aberrants could still mob someone to death!

This was the third day after leaving Jin Feng’s. I really missed the days when someone would spoon feed me. Jiggling the hip flask caused the contents to rattle softly. It was a rich harvest, with crystals everywhere to be found in this city. This only made me warier of danger. Judging from the looks of things, I’d been extremely lucky to rise to tier one so early in the suburbs. There was just no comparing the dangers in the city to those found in the suburbs.

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Dominion’s End V2C5: The Phoenix of Good Fortune

Dominion’s End Volume 2: Aberrant City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: The Phoenix of Good Fortune—translated by Elkin (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

After eating the evolution crystal, I could finally take it easy, lie back, and relax. Even if I recovered too quickly, it might be because one particular evolution crystal was especially powerful. It has nothing to do with me, okay?

Lying there on the bed was extremely dull, and I really wanted to secretly slip out of bed and walk around to exercise. However, a certain somebody kept staring at me relentlessly, so I had no choice but to just lie there like a good boy.

I said expressionlessly, “Can you please stop staring at me?”

He replied with a bright smile, “Nope. Dàjiě wants me to take good care of you!”

I looked him over. Ben was a fourteen year old youngster who was fairly short. Fortunately for him, he wasn’t too skinny or frail—if anything, he looked like he carried a bit of bulk. His somewhat dark skin and sunken eyes marked him a possible mixed blood, but his extremely local accent suggested that he had grown up in this country.

Although he called Jin Feng “Dàjiě,” there was no way he was her little brother. Feng had mentioned that she only had an older brother, Jin Zhan, and a little sister called Jin Xiaoyue, making her the middle child. Her family structure was identical to mine… No wait, what am I talking about? Feng’s a girl and I’m a guy, so how can we be the same? We both just happen to be part of a trio of brothers and sisters.

Pretty much everyone here called Feng “Dàjiě,” and this wasn’t in the sense of “older sister” but rather, “big sis,” the head of a syndicate or organization.

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Dominion’s End V2C4: The Jin Family

Dominion’s End Volume 2: Aberrant City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: The Jin Family—translated by Elkin (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)


My eyes flew open and I sucked in a deep, sharp breath. The air surging into my lungs triggered a coughing fit, and I started coughing like I was hacking up my lungs. It was only when I finally caught my breath that I had the energy to look around to figure out what had happened.

Every part of me was in absolute agony, proof that I wasn’t dead yet. However, the darkness threatening to swallow my vision was a sign that I was injured very, very seriously. The pain had been bad enough before I had passed out, but the dial was now cranked up a few more notches. My chest had even lost all sensation.

I blinked quickly, clearing the blood that had trickled into my eye. It didn’t help much. I was still looking at a sea of red, but I could just about make out my surroundings.

The first things that came into sight were high-rise buildings. I was surrounded by abandoned cars, and the majority of shops lining either side of the road had broken windows. Garbage littered the road. The city was a picture of desolation.

This is the city? A chill crept into my heart as I realized that I was lying by the roadside, drenched in blood. If I just lay out in the open, a tasty tier one morsel in this city where aberrants roamed freely, wasn’t I just asking to be eaten? Move!

Rolling over took all the energy I could muster. The moment my chest hit the pavement, agony ripped through me, almost sending me back to unconsciousness. Something didn’t feel right. Then, the memory of being crushed by the bird and the sound of something shattering rushed back to me. I touched my chest. The ice shard had been smashed to smithereens, leaving behind fragmented bits stuck to my skin. When I also remembered that my new ice spear had snapped, I wanted to cry. Why is making a weapon so hard?

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